5 Steps to your SASE Journey – Step 5: Gain Visibility and Control

We all experienced growing pains when the COVID-19 pandemic hit and everyone quickly found themselves working from home. What we all thought was only going to be a ‘3-week inconvenience’, turned into a permanent situation for many; and hybrid situation for others 18+ months later.  

Many organizations have made the decision to offer hybrid environments once they are able to reopen the office doors, while others have decided their employees can permanently work from anywhere. The global pandemic has created a new modern workforce — one that allows employees to work from wherever they chose. 

What continues to remain clear is that users need secure connectivity, from anywhere. The two key words being secure and connectivity. Regardless of whether an organization has 5 or 5000+ employees working outside a corporate office, these employees need to be able to securely and directly connect to any cloud application they need from wherever they work. Accessing these applications should never hinder the user experience, nor should connecting to these business applications put an organization in jeopardy.  

Over the last several weeks, iboss hosted the webinar series “5 Steps to your SASE Journey” which outlines the steps organizations should consider when migrating to a SASE platform. This week we covered how organizations can leverage their investment in SASE and adoption of zero trust network access to reduce and even potentially eliminate VPN use. (Watch it here.)  

In the last of the 5-part series, Tim Roddy, iboss VP of Product Marketing, will outline how to enable visibility and control that goes beyond what is offered by the CASB portion of any SASE platform.  

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  • The importance of visibility and control  
  • The benefits of dedicated customer unique IP addresses 
  • How containerized gateways can support data privacy regulatory compliance 

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