Microsoft Use Case

Extend Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps

(formerly MCAS)

Achieve best in class application visibility and control
with iboss CASB + Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps (formerly MCAS)

  • iboss cloud CASB is fully and natively integrated with Microsoft  Defender for Cloud Apps (MDCA) (formerly known as Microsoft Cloud App Security (MCAS)) to seamlessly protect cloud application access by users from any location, providing real-time, inline advanced CASB and out-of-band API CASB capabilities
  • Protect data in transit as it moves between users & the cloud, as well as data at rest within the cloud via the combination of iboss CASB and MDCA
  • iboss cloud prevents the use of unsanctioned applications by automatically syncing policies & signatures from MDCA
  • Enforce Microsoft tenant restrictions to ensure users are restricted to the organization’s Microsoft tenant
  • iboss DLP policies transcend MDCA, automatically extending full data security capabilities into iboss cloud for inline real-time protection
  • Holistic application risk profiling, including compliance certification & cloud application usage reporting
  • Eliminates the need for log storage servers and virtual machines used for forwarding traffic to MDCA; iboss cloud automatically exchanges data and signatures with MDCA making it easy to transition from other CASB providers by eliminating implementation overhead
  • Cohesively manage multiple separate policies across different platforms to enforce CASB controls for data in motion and data at rest with minimal operational overhead

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