Prevent data loss by ensuring data is only visible and accessible by the trusted workforce

All resources, such as applications, data and services, are protected and are inaccessible without going through the iboss Zero Trust Edge

iboss prevents data loss and ransomware attacks by ensuring data is only visible and accessible by the trusted workforce. iboss moves security to a Zero Trust architecture, enabling the modern workforce to connect securely and directly to all applications from wherever they work. Now that “work from anywhere” is commonplace, the rise in the use of the cloud has created new blind spots for data loss protection. Some enterprises use VPNs as protection for remote users; however, split tunneling data to the internet leaves traffic unmonitored and not visible to on-prem DLP solutions. Today’s enterprises must gain visibility into their data to identify and eliminate data loss incidents. With iboss, enterprises gain greater visibility and better control to help prevent data loss for all users working from anywhere. With iboss, all resources, such as applications, data and services, are protected and are inaccessible without going through the iboss Zero Trust Edge.

Visibility and Data Protection for ALL Resources: in the Cloud and On-Prem

iboss’ unique containerized architecture provides visibility with full TLS/SSL Decryption for traffic to ALL apps: public, private and general internet. iboss’ granular and selective controls on HTTPS decryption and bypass are critical to ensuring administrators have the tools they need to adequately apply data loss protection to users in the organization. This allows iboss to provide the same Data Loss Prevention rules to all traffic from a single edge. Exact Data Match (EDM) can be applied to all traffic to find content in data being transferred that matches data records provided by the organization.

The iboss platform scans all traffic, looking for PII data in any transaction going through the iboss service. The use of EDM reduces false positives and increases detection accuracy for preventing data loss of sensitive content from the enterprise either accidentally or through misuse.

Easy to deploy with Single Unified Edge and Predefined DLP Policies

The iboss Zero Trust Policy Manager makes it easy to apply policy to resources you have categorized to FIPS 199. After categorizing each of your enterprise resources for Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability, built-in preconfigured DLP policies are automatically applied to leverage iboss’ content detection and content analysis engines to apply the policies. In addition these policies are applied to both public and private applications from a single edge, unlike competitors who deploy a completely separate solution for private applications with substandard security scanning features. DLP policies are not only applied in line but via our API based CASB features (for Box, M365, and Google) as well. With iboss you get one edge, applying one policy set through one UI.

API-CASB-DLP-Detection laptop UI

A Single Global Unified Security Cloud Edge

iboss Zero Trust Edge is a single edge security solution for both public and private apps. Unlike competitors who sell and deploy a separate solution for zero trust network access for private apps, iboss delivers the same robust policy feature set from one globally deployed zero trust edge and from a single management user interface. iboss is fully compliant with Microsoft networking principles with no hair pinning for private access and no routing of traffic through your data center. With iboss users go straight to the internet to iboss which improves their productivity because of our fast internet speed access with no unnecessary data center hops.

Compliance and Data Privacy

iboss supports an organization’s global compliance efforts in meeting regulatory requirements for protecting data as well as where logs with data are stored. iboss fully supports global data protection requirements such as GDPR, PII, PCI, HIPAA, and more.

iboss fully enables organizations to comply with regional privacy laws. The iboss zero trust edge allows administrators to create zones to ensure data is scanned within regulated regions when users enter those regions. In addition, the log event data that is generated by the cloud can be sent to reporting databases that reside within admin controlled zones as well. This ensures regulatory requirements are met while leveraging the elasticity and power of a cloud based gateway platform. iboss’ containerized architecture ensures data separation so that data is not only processed in country but reporting nodes are located in country and data is separate from other customers data. iboss reporting also supports anonymization to ensure privacy regulations are met.

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iboss also reduces your organizations spend on costly MPLS. Remote offices can go straight to iboss via the internet, reducing the data and application access driven need for MPLS.

Reduced Costs by Eliminating Legacy VPN and MPLS

The iboss Zero Trust Edge eliminates the need and cost of VPNs.  Once resources are connected to the iboss Zero Trust Edge, any user connected to the edge will have access to all of their approved resources regardless of where they connect. This provides the best end-user experience, increased productivity and eliminates the hassle of enabling and disabling VPNs to gain access to the applications needed to be productive.

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