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Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) increases security by providing tight access controls, security, and visibility when users access sensitive resources. With a legacy approach, users leverage a VPN to access sensitive resources when working remotely. However, VPNs allow users uncontrolled access to the entire sensitive network and lack granular per-request access controls and logging, substantially increasing the risk of data loss and breach.

The goal is to move from VPN to ZTNA to increase the organization’s security posture, but this can be a challenge because users rely highly on uninterrupted VPN access to do their daily work. A migration from VPN to ZTNA can introduce access risk during switching from VPN to ZTNA, as ZTNA requires a more secure resource access approach. In addition, end users have to change their workflow to access resources when working remotely.

The iboss ZTNA VPN Co-Pilot solves the VPN to ZTNA migration problem by allowing both iboss ZTNA and legacy VPN to work side-by-side seamlessly without interrupting end-user access during migration. With the ZTNA VPN Co-Pilot capability, end users can continue to use their legacy VPN as usual. At the same time, iboss ZTNA works transparently behind the scenes to automatically provide access to private resources while transitioning from VPN to ZTNA. Whenever the VPN is enabled, users will continue to be able to access onsite resources with no interruption as iboss ZTNA will disengage for those accesses while still maintaining complete security for all other accesses to the Internet. As resources are migrated to ZTNA, end users will realize they no longer need to enable a VPN to access them and can access them on-demand and automatically, improving the end-user experience while substantially increasing security and visibility for the organization. Once all resources have been migrated to ZTNA, users stop enabling the VPN and continue working as usual. The end-to-end migration from VPN to ZTNA is accomplished quickly and transparently without affecting user productivity while increasing the organization’s security posture. iboss ZTNA will act as a VPN co-pilot throughout the transition.


  • Provides a transparent and seamless transition from VPN to ZTNA
  • Provides uninterrupted access to private resources by concurrently allowing the VPN to work alongside iboss ZTNA which acts as a co-pilot
  • Does not interrupt the end-user experience by allowing them to continue to work as usual while the migration to iboss ZTNA occurs
  • Reduces risk of access interruption when migrating from legacy VPN to ZTNA
  • Increases security by providing tight access controls, security, and logging for all sensitive resources that are migrated to ZTNA
  • Side-by-Side compatible with popular VPNs, such as Cisco AnyConnect
  • Eliminates the need for users to enable a VPN to gain access to sensitive resources needed to be productive

How it Works

  • The iboss ZTNA VPN Co-Pilot feature is enabled and configured. Settings include the type of VPN used and which routes the VPN will own whenever the VPN is enabled.
  • iboss Windows Cloud Connectors are installed onto devices which connects them to the iboss Zero Trust SASE for access, security, and logging.
  • Whenever the VPN is enabled, iboss ZTNA will dis-engage for any traffic destined for destinations configured within the iboss ZTNA Co-Pilot settings. Security and logging for all other accesses, including the Internet, will remain in force.
  • As resources are migrated to ZTNA, those resources will be available both through the legacy VPN and iboss ZTNA. Access is secure and granular when accessed through iboss ZTNA and provides per-request access controls and visibility.
  • Users can access any resources migrated to ZTNA without turning on the VPN, improving end-user experience, productivity, and security.
  • Once migration completes, the VPN is turned down, and access to all resources is available with always-on and on-demand access through iboss ZTNA.

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