Integrates with your existing security stack

iboss Cloud Platform Integrates seamlessly with existing cybersecurity technology investments via standardized connectors and protocols

Web gateways are responsible for ensuring secure connectivity as users access a wide range of applications and resources in the cloud.
The gateways have the ability to inspect traffic for unwanted content, malware and data loss. Because of the gateway’s critical role of inspecting packets, files and data as it traverses to and from the cloud, the ability to feed that data into other systems for further analysis extends the overall efficacy of the platform.

Any file the iboss Cloud Platform inspects can be inspected by any other system as the cloud will forward the file to the external system and wait for a response before proceeding. Forwarding of files is performed by the industry standard ICAP protocol. In addition, any traffic the Platform gateways inspect can be forwarded to any other system by forwarding that traffic to the external system instead of the original destination. This is typically performed via proxy forwarding or proxy chaining.

Traffic forwarding methods include proxy-chaining, DNS forwarding, or forwarding via the standard ICAP protocol. In addition, when forwarding traffic via ICAP, the gateways will respect the response from the ICAP service to block or adapt content before it is sent to the users. This allows infinite capability expansion as third-party cybersecurity services come to market. This ensures that organizations get the best-of-breed protection and leverage existing cybersecurity investments in addition to the advanced protection included with the iboss Cloud Platform.

The ability to send files and data to external systems for additional inspection allows limitless cybersecurity integration possibilities.

Selectively forward traffic to third-party systems using proxy chaining and forwarding

The iboss Cloud Platform natively integrates with third-party vendors by feeding the data and files that traverse the cloud to any external system or service for additional protection. Data traffic can be forwarded selectively based on a variety of criteria including destination domain and request headers. Typically, third-party cybersecurity systems will provide additional capabilities or layered protection for data as it traverses to and from the cloud through the Platform.

Proxy chaining and forwarding allows traffic streams to pivot through additional third party systems for inspection. Proxy chaining is easily configured within iboss Cloud Platform using various header and data matching options.

The receiving third-party service can perform security functions to the data prior to that data reaching its final cloud destination.

Stream real-time cloud data to external CASB systems

The iboss Cloud Platform can natively forward traffic generated from users to any CASB system without complex coding or configuration. The logs can be sent in real-time so that they can be analyzed and enhanced by other CASB solutions to provide additional visibility and insight into cloud application use. Traffic is forwarded directly from the Platform to the CASB system without the need to deploy virtual appliances or external connectors. This ensures data streams in real-time to the CASB system for fast protection and visibility.

Use ICAP to automatically send inspected files to external security systems

ICAP is an industry-standard protocol for passing files from one system to another for inspection. The iboss Cloud Platform fully supports the ICAP protocol so that any file inspected by the Platform can be forwarded to any other system for inspection and protection. The cloud will wait for the additional third-party system to make a determination on the file prior to passing the content along to its final destination. Selectively passing files through ICAP can also be achieved by highly extensible rules so that only files of interest are passed to the external system. ICAP is typically supported by external DLP systems as a standard way of receiving files for inspection making the iboss Cloud Platform an ideal choice for integration with third-party DLP platforms.

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