Microsoft Use Case

Zero Trust Network Access

Eliminate Overloaded VPN Connections, Reduce
or Eliminate SD-WAN Appliances, And Provide Granular Access

  • Cloud application traffic from remote users is traditionally sent through slow and overloaded VPNs to provide network security for compliance, malware defense and data loss
    • Often results in slow connections or downed networks preventing users from working safely and effectively
    • Access is typically provided to the entire network as opposed to specific applications, resulting in excessive privileges, especially for users who only require targeted access to a handful of resources (e.g. contractors)
  • Leveraging iboss’ Zero Trust Network Access solution, users connected to the iboss SASE network security fabric are provided access only to specific cloud resources and applications rather than the full network, based on identity and user context (e.g. date/time, geolocation, device posture)
  • Provides access to private Azure resources, including vnets, without manually deploying virtual appliance connectors within Azure via iboss Firewall as a Service for Azure option which automatically extends containerized gateways into Azure
  • Reduces the risk of data loss and further segments the network by allowing users access only to specific resources and applications
  • Eliminates the need for slow and overloaded VPN connections and sends traffic directly from the users to the necessary cloud resources or applications
  • Branch office works can similarly access private resources and applications via ZTNA through the iboss security fabric, reducing reliance on SD-WAN appliances
  • True Zero-Trust/BeyondCorp model of secured access to any resource, anywhere

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