Streamline Connectivity & Security with
iboss Zero Trust SD-WAN

Experience seamless, secure connectivity with iboss Zero Trust SD-WAN, a pivotal component of the iboss Zero Trust SASE platform. This comprehensive solution provides fast and secure internet and private application access to users and devices across branches and data centers through iboss’ containerized Zero Trust SASE architecture. Integrating advanced security features like SWG, CASB, malware defense, and DLP, iboss SD-WAN offers an efficient, cost-effective way to enhance network performance and security. Optimize your network with iboss’ cutting-edge SD-WAN technology, designed for the demands of a distributed workforce.

Boost Network Efficiency and Performance with Intelligent Path Selection and Application Optimization

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Discover the unparalleled network efficiency and performance enhancements offered by the iboss SD-WAN solution’s Dynamic Path Selection and Application Optimization features. iboss smartly routes traffic, optimizes application performance, enables secure local Internet breakouts, and ensures the best path for data packets in real-time. This leads to enhanced application reliability, making it ideal for cloud services, VoIP, and video conferencing. Embrace a more agile, responsive network infrastructure tailored to your evolving business needs.

Quickly Deploy and Manage Your Networks with Zero-Touch Provisioning and Centralized Control

The innovative Zero-Touch Provisioning of the iboss SD-WAN simplifies network deployment by offering an effortless setup experience. This feature enables automatic configuration of new devices, reducing manual intervention and deployment time. Easily expand and manage your network with fast, secure, and consistent device configurations. Additionally, the Centralized Management and Orchestration system of iboss streamlines network operations, providing a unified platform for managing all network components. This system simplifies complex tasks and offers real-time visibility and control, allowing for efficient orchestration of operations, policy enforcement, and swift response to network changes. This approach ensures operational consistency, reduces costs, and enhances performance and security, transforming the way you deploy and manage your network.

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Fortify Your Network with Advanced Firewalling and Robust, Comprehensive, Integrated Security Features

iboss Zero Trust SASE SD-WAN Resource Policy

The iboss Zero Trust SD-WAN solution offers a powerful combination of advanced security features and efficient connectivity. It’s designed to protect against a broad spectrum of cyber threats, including advanced malware and data breaches. This integrated security framework includes HTTPS Decryption, firewall protection, a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), stringent compliance policies, malware defense, and effective Data Loss Prevention (DLP) features. Furthermore, the solution ensures secure device access and rigorous scrutiny of data packets, enhancing the resilience of your network. By embedding these security measures within the SD-WAN appliances, iboss transforms branch office networks and data centers into secure fortresses. This approach not only safeguards your digital assets but also provides peace of mind, ensuring a secure foundation for your business’s digital operations.

Seamlessly Connect Network Locations with Site-to-Site VPN, Routing, and Tunnel Integration

The iboss Zero Trust SD-WAN solution offers advanced site-to-site VPN connectivity, revolutionizing inter-office communications by linking branch offices and data centers directly. It enhances network efficiency and security through robust, direct communication channels, thereby reducing latency and simplifying network topology.

Additionally, iboss supports Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), optimizing routing and ensuring efficient data transfers. The integration of existing hardware is streamlined via secure tunnels to the iboss cloud backbone, negating the need for additional investments while improving performance and security. Moreover, iboss facilitates seamless expansion into Azure cloud infrastructure, enabling direct connectivity and extending security into Azure environments.

iboss SD-WAN Site-to-Site

Replace Branch Firewalls and Safeguard Unmanaged IoT/OT/Guest Devices with SD-WAN

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The iboss SD-WAN solution revolutionizes network simplification and security. By incorporating Network Address Translation (NAT), it replaces traditional firewalls in branch offices, streamlining network infrastructure and cutting costs. This integrated approach enhances secure internet access and intra-office communication, optimizing the overall security posture.

Additionally, iboss SD-WAN provides agentless security, crucial for protecting IoT/OT and unmanaged devices. This innovative feature ensures comprehensive network security, keeping even non-agent compatible devices under vigilant protection. Its deployment ensures security is close to all network users, safeguarding against vulnerabilities in the ever-evolving enterprise network landscape.

Enhance Security by Limiting Lateral Network Movement and Customizable Application Access Controls

The iboss Zero Trust SD-WAN solution enhances network security by implementing policy-based application access, adhering to the principle of Zero Trust least privilege. This method restricts access solely to necessary applications based on user roles and tasks, thereby limiting lateral network movement. By fine-tuning these controls, the iboss platform not only protects sensitive data but also boosts network efficiency, balancing stringent security with user experience and performance optimization.

The iboss Zero Trust SASE platform ensures every transaction is consistently analyzed and enforced with continuous adaptive access policies. This robust framework provides real-time, dynamic access decisions for every interaction, substantially elevating security and compliance standards.

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iboss Zero Trust SD-WAN Appliances

SE 170Enterprise 14700NBC-14

Small-Medium Branches

Medium-Large Branches

Data Center


Up to 1Gbps

Up to 1Gbps

Up to 14Gbps

Physical Ports

Up to 2 LAN
Up to 2 WAN

Up to 2 LAN
Up to 2 WAN

Up to 2 LAN
Up to 2 WAN

Form Factor

Small Fanless Appliance

1U Server Appliance

4U Server Blade Chassis

Size (WxDxH)

7.4 in. x 6.89 in. x 1.68 in.

16.87 in. x 14.17 in. x 1.75 in.

16.87 in. x 32 in. x 7 in.


3.68 lbs.

11.45 lbs.

140 lbs.

Intelligent Traffic Steering & Optimization
Zero-Touch Provisioning & Orchestration
Robust Security Features
Enhanced Branch Office Connectivity
Simplified Network Infrastructure
Granular Access Controls

SD-WAN estimated release date: Q2 2024