Microsoft Use Case

Cloud-Native Network Security, SaaS Delivered

Secure cloud access on any device, on any network,
from any location, on any cloud

  • iboss’ Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) Cloud Platform provides ultra-fast, secure connectivity for all users, devices and cloud workloads, wherever they may reside
    • Cloud-native network security, SaaS delivered on a containerized architecture for high performance, low latency, data isolation, and granular usage and performance monitoring capabilities
  • Microsoft Azure and iboss cloud provides a turnkey SaaS-delivered network security platform that eliminates traditional network security appliances such as firewalls and proxies
  • Superior containerized architecture ensures that every capability found in network security appliances, on-prem or cloud, can be instantly SaaS delivered reducing complexity, cost and time to value
  • Massive global SASE footprint provides fast and secure connectivity to Microsoft’s front doors from anywhere in the world
  • Powerful combination of Azure Active Directory and iboss cloud security enable Zero-Trust and ZTNA implementations by combining Azure identity with conditional access based on user role
    • Seamless implementation of the zero-trust framework with no disruption to existing workflow; critical for today’s remote workforce
    • Ability to manage conditional, secure application access based on identity and user context, such as date/time, geolocation, and device posture
    • Inline proactive Gen-3 CASB and Data Loss Prevention
    • Out-of-band API CASB protection for Microsoft 365
    • Real-time logging with direct integration into Azure Sentinel delivering direct network security intelligence

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