Connect Organization Owned Devices to Provide Access & Ensure Compliance Checks

The iboss Cloud Platform provides native support for virtually every operating system to network security that follows devices wherever they roam

The iboss Cloud Platform shifts the focus to following users instead of perimeters so that network connections are secured regardless of location. Native iboss cloud connectors connect devices to the iboss cloud so that Internet access is always secure and compliant. The provided cloud connectors also provide the ability to apply user-based policies and generate user-based reports regardless of whether the user is in or out of the organization’s network perimeter. The cloud connectors can be silently deployed in seconds, providing organization wide protection without pain and with instant visibility into off network Internet access.

Cloud connectors support all versions of Windows

The iboss cloud connector for Windows connects users and devices to iboss cloud for Internet protection regardless of location. They can be used to connect users and devices in and out of the organization’s perimeter. In addition, they provide automatic single sign-on so that dynamic user-based policies can be applied in the cloud and user-based reports can be generated by administrators. In addition, they automatically install the required MITM certificates for SSL decryption and inspection eliminating the hassle of manual certificate installations.

Support for iOS and macOS

The iboss Cloud Platform has support for both iOS and macOS making it the ideal choice for protecting Mac laptops, desktops, iPhones and iPads. The iboss cloud connector for Mac connects Mac laptops to the cloud seamlessly proving full network protection. The iboss cloud connector for iOS connects iOS devices such as iPads and iPhones to iboss cloud.  Both cloud connectors connect these mobile devices to the Platform for Internet protection regardless of location in addition to providing the information needed for dynamic user-based policies and reporting. Installation can be pushed through Open Directory or any Mobile Device Management (MDM) platform for fast and easy deployment.

Seamless Chromebook support

Chromebooks have become exceedingly popular and are cloud-based devices at their core. The iboss cloud is also cloud-based and pairs up seamlessly with Chromebooks to provide in the cloud network security protection at all times. Using the iboss cloud connector for Chromebook, the iboss cloud will follow the Chromebook to ensure policies are always applied and reporting is always associated with the logged in username. The Chromebook extension can be automatically pushed by Google Device Management for easy deployment.

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