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Granular reporting for any user, on any device, anywhere

Generate detailed history reports for any student whether at home or on campus in seconds

The ability to generate detailed reports that capture critical information such as student or staff name along with Internet activity is essential for different departments including human resources, counselors, principals and school administrators who may rely on this information for compliance or to enforce the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). The iboss cloud architecture allows schools to generate user-based reports across a mix of different devices regardless of whether students are at school or at home.

Generate reports that include directory user names across all types of devices in a few clicks

iboss cloud binds to directories including Active Directory, LDAP, OAuth, eDirectory as well as SAML across all your devices without the complexity of setting up virtual machines or complex network reconfiguration.

This results in reports that provide user-based information which is essential to generate reports for administrators and staff as well as identify at risk students on the network sooner.

Single pane of glass reports provide information on a single user or group of users across any device whether at home or on campus in seconds

Students and staff are accessing the Internet on a mixed set of devices including Chromebooks, Windows, Mac and iOS. Many students access the Internet on different devices throughout the day. To add to the complexity, Internet access is occurring off campus while students are at home. iboss cloud streamlines reports through a single pane of glass which will provide administrators information on a user regardless of where they are or how they are accessing the Internet in a few clicks.

Eliminates the need to generate reports from different sources which can be resource intensive and cumbersome

iboss cloud - Custom Drill Down Reports

Students are increasingly taking devices home especially as schools expand 1:1 initiatives. This has left many schools leveraging one solution for reporting on campus and a separate solution for reports when users are off campus. This is not only cumbersome but ineffective when attempting to gain a clear understanding of a user’s Internet access history.  iboss cloud’s single pane of glass reporting allows administrators to search for a user or group of users Internet access history in one console regardless of where the users are located.

Tracks all user Internet activity, including social media posts, providing greater insight during incident investigations

The iboss cloud’s forensic level reporting is detailed to provide complete history of user Internet access regardless of whether it was allowed or blocked. This includes detailed insight on social media posts, search trends and user behavior patterns. This forensic level of reporting information is critical during administrative or disciplinary investigations against students or staff.

Cloud capacity scales to store more reporting logs for a greater amount of time with lower cost

As more devices access the Internet on your network, they create more logs. The iboss cloud’s elasticity allows for greater data retention and more detailed logs at lower cost without the need for appliances.

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