iboss cloud for Education


Secure student Internet access on any device, from any location, in the cloud

The iboss cloud protects student Internet access regardless of location to ensure CIPA compliance and security is always in place. The iboss cloud lives in the cloud and eliminates the need to purchase and install web filtering appliances. As school bandwidth increases, iboss cloud automatically expands to handle the growth ensuring students, teachers and staff always have fast, secure and compliant connections to the cloud.

Extends protection across all student devices regardless of location, including on campus and at home

High risk activity from at risk students isn’t always constrained to activity performed on campus. Since the iboss cloud follows the student in order to provide protection at all times, it has the ability to provide visibility to high risk activity while the student is off campus and at home. This is critical in providing the visibility needed to prevent tragedies on campus and create the investigative reports necessary to deal with a high risk circumstance.

Provide students with a consistent filtering policy whether they are on campus or at home

With one to one initiatives, the goal is to assign one laptop to every child so that digital learning can continue at home. The challenge is that CIPA compliance must be met for all school owned devices regardless of location. With traditional web gateway appliances, filtering students while at home is challenging as the equipment for filtering typically resides on campus. With the iboss cloud, security follows the student, as it is delivered in the cloud. This ensures that the same level of protection and compliance is applied to a student regardless of whether they are on campus or at home. This also alleviates the challenges of securing one to one devices by leveraging a cloud solution that can be deployed in minutes.

  1. Users Go Mobile
    Desktops change to laptops and users are no longer in the network perimeter.
  2. Encrypted Traffic
    Unencrypted traffic shifts to encrypted HTTPS traffic due to mobility.
  3. Cloud Applications and Files
    Applications move from servers to SaaS, and data & files move to online storage & access.
  4. Bandwidth Explosion
    Increased bandwidth usage due to remote users accessing remote cloud data needed for productivity.
  5. Security Moves to Cloud
    Data Center network security moves to the cloud where the users, applications, and data live.

Enforce safe search on Google, Bing and Yahoo

Safe search can automatically be enabled and forced across popular search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. The setting is enabled automatically and transparently to the user. In addition, enforcing safe search can be enabled on a per-group basis so that staff can have full access to search results when needed. Staff members can also override safe search results on-demand by creating override groups.

Fast and uninterrupted connections during testing season by leveraging the cloud

State testing has moved to the cloud. This means schools will need more bandwidth than ever as both testing and school classrooms are connected to the cloud at the same time. Testing content is becoming more rich in nature and any slow downs or interruptions lead to high stress IT departments. With iboss cloud, students can complete state testing with fast connections as data is secured in the cloud. This alleviates stress during this critical time so IT Administrators can focus their efforts on other critical areas.

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