Microsoft Use Case

Natively Integrated Into Microsoft Ecosystem

iboss Is A Microsoft Trusted Security Partner With Extensive Integrations
Into Azure, MCAS, Microsoft 365, And More

iboss’ platform is built with RESTful API and JSON which allows for further, seamless integrations and easy skinning of the iboss platform

  • iboss cloud is natively and extensively integrated with Microsoft, including integrations across Microsoft 365, Azure, and MCAS, and more, resulting in more effective security wherever Azure points of presence are located
    • Azure: iboss cloud natively extends into Azure without any IT intervention and automatically manages all iboss cloud security within Azure
    • Azure Firewall Manager: iboss natively runs within Azure for better overall performance and lower costs
    • Microsoft Cloud App Security (MCAS): iboss cloud CASB is fully and natively integrated with MCAS, automatically syncing data, policies and signatures
    • Virtual WAN (vWAN): iboss cloud is natively integrated into Microsoft vWAN allowing internet security to be applied to branch offices and creates the most robust secure SD-WAN offering. Virtual WAN can also be leveraged for private access through iboss ZTNA
    • Microsoft 365: iboss cloud works flawlessly with Microsoft 365 and solves the complex security challenges associated with migrating on-prem email and applications to Microsoft 365 by ensuring fast connections to Microsoft 365 and Teams
    • Microsoft Intune: iboss agent can be easily deployed with Microsoft Intune
    • Microsoft Sentinel: iboss can easily integrate with Microsoft Azure Sentinel to provide real-time intelligence to security analysts
    • Azure AD: iboss can combine with Azure AD to provide zero-trust context-based policies

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