For Education

Safe access to Google, Youtube and social media beyond safe search

Allows schools to extend more access to technology in the classroom including safe Youtube, Google Images and social media access

Google, Youtube and social media are leveraged in education daily. Unfortunately safety mechanisms such as Safe Search are not advanced enough to ensure students have safe access to these services. The iboss cloud’s patented security reinforces Google Safe Search, YouTube and social media sites with advanced controls which allow schools to extend safe access to these technologies without compromising the safety of students.

Reinforces gaps in Google Safe Search to expand the restriction of inappropriate images and prevent user circumvention

Google safe search alone is ineffective in filtering out inappropriate images and is easily circumvented by students. The iboss cloud leverages advanced technologies to transparently extend filtering across Google searches and reinforce clean images and search results missed by Google Safe Search. The iboss cloud will automatically re-enable Safe Search if it is disabled by students as well. This allows schools to confidently extend access to Google without compromising student safety.

Provides more granular control across social media, including posting and time settings

Many schools are leveraging social media for select students and to communicate with the parents, staff, students and the communities around them. Access to social media can be beneficial but it is also essential to have tools to manage how its accessed to ensure safe access. The iboss cloud’s extensive social media controls allows schools to manage who can access social media sites,  what they can access (e.g. read-only) and how they can access (e.g. post but no chat). The result is the ability to extend more access to technology safely and with full visibility.

Automatically enforces safe search, including when its disabled by an end user

It is common for end users to inadvertently or purposefully bypass safe search in browsers. Doing so can expose them to harmful content. Unfortunately, the ability to enforce safe search in browsers is not natively built in. With a simple click, iboss will transparently re-enable safe search on browsers even if its disabled by the end user.

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