The industry’s first distributed gateway platform offered as 100% SaaS subscription

Revolutionary architecture redefines the way cybersecurity is delivered and managed for today’s distributed organizations. A SaaS subscription simplifies purchase and pays for itself immediately. Customers eliminate costly backhaul and never pay for SWG appliances again.

The iboss Distributed Gateway Platform

Built for the cloud with a unified, elastic distributed architecture

  • Deploys dedicated capacity, features and policies on-demand where needed using cloud and local gateways.
  • Provides uniform protection to all users and locations by managing all security policies, settings, and reports in real‑time from a single cloud admin console.
  • Scales easily with built‑in elasticity as your bandwidth and cloud demands increase, future‑proofing your cybersecurity investment.

The iboss Distributed Gateway Platform

Powerful rapid detection and response capabilities reduce breach dwell time

  • It’s all there – content filtering, stream‑based protection, including all ports and protocols (TCP & UDP), real‑time malware detection and response, behavioral analysis, cloud apps and social media controls, bandwidth optimization and more.
  • Fastest, most scalable SSL decryption with micro‑segmentation to selectively decrypt based on content, device, user, or group.
  • Independently‑certified for the highest detection efficacy of advanced evasive threats (AET) and mobile malware.

The iboss Distributed Gateway Platform

Pays for itself immediately

  • Offered as a 100% software as a service (SaaS) subscription that completely eliminates the need to buy hardware appliances so you can manage future growth predictably.
  • Eliminates expensive backhaul infrastructure (VPN and MPLS links) and costly SWG appliances, delivering immediate ROI.
  • Unique architecture allows for the drop-in replacement of legacy SWG appliances with no disruption to the existing network topology, configuration, or processes, which shortens implementation time and reduces costs.

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