Goodbye Gateway Appliances.
   Hello Secure Cloud Gateway.

Secure Web Gateway

Your network is more than just your office. It’s homes and hotels, coffee shops and parks, planes and trains. It’s Los Angeles, Shanghai, London, and every inch in between — and cybercriminals know this. Don’t give them an opening. Only iboss secures your users and data against tomorrow’s most advanced threats via dedicated, containerized cloud gateways that are centrally managed and infinitely scalable. With a 100% subscription-based model, the iboss secure cloud gateway platform enables you to leave hardware behind for good and recover capital instantly.

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Protect Your Enterprise, Everywhere

Best-of-breed cybersecurity capabilities including:

  • Web Filtering
  • Malware Protection
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • File Sandboxing
  • App and Media Control
  • Selective SSL Decryption

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Security Designed for the Cloud, in the Cloud

iboss Secure Cloud Gateways deliver:

  • Fully containerized, elastic and dedicated cloud capacity
  • Admin controlled update schedules
  • Infinitely scalable at a moment’s notice
  • 100% subscription-based model provides predictable pricing
  • Global protection in the cloud via the multi-tenant iboss cloud

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Security that Follows Your Users, Wherever They Are

iboss enables your business to:

  • Secure any type of connected device that touches your network
  • Apply the same security for users in the office and around the globe
  • Eliminate backhauling for bandwidth efficiency and decreased latency

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Remote Offices

Distributed Security – Centrally Controlled

  • Manage all security policies and reporting from one central interface
  • Do away with all branch appliances and maintenance
  • Free up bandwidth by eliminating backhauling to corporate data centers

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Secure Data where the Data Needs to be

  • Configure geographic zones to keep data where it’s supposed to be
  • Source IPs are unique and preserved in the cloud, allowing for full traceability and reporting
  • Conform to international GDPR standards

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Provisioned, Managed and Enforced from the Cloud

  • Measure deployment in hours and minutes, not days and weeks
  • Extend the cloud into your private cloud to eliminate re-architecture at core datacenters

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Inspiring Stories

Over 4,000 organizations rely on iboss to ensure that their sensitive data is safe and compliant. See how iboss helped Riverside Health System secure their network of over 9,000 employees and 150 locations without jeopardizing network speed, adding complexity, or driving up total cost of ownership.


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