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Web security that goes beyond protecting the web browser; designed to secure any organization, anywhere, anytime, any device, direct to cloud:

Unrivaled security and flexibility:

  • The only cloud security able to detect protocols such as TOR that circumvent traditional web browser security
  • Secures HQ plus all branch offices and road warriors direct-to-cloud in seconds
  • Delivers instant, infinite scalability on-demand
  • Eliminates the need to backhaul data for remote sites and mobile users
  • Offers options for all-cloud, all on-premises or hybrid configurations
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"Essentially, iboss has built a “better mousetrap” for anomaly detection and auto-containment. iboss looks for suspicious behavior on the network. If it finds signs of a hacker, it snaps like a mousetrap – catching the hacker in the act before they can do further damage."
"The companies ranked on the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 continue to set the bar for their industry higher each year. There are so many exciting products and smart thought leaders driving this list. We congratulate the Fast 500 companies and look forward to seeing them continue their momentum.”
"iboss was recognized for its patented technology that automatically contains malicious data transfers before hackers can steal large amounts of sensitive information. iboss monitors networks for suspicious data transfers, alerts IT and automatically contains the data, minimizing the loss when malware inevitably makes its way in."
"The FireSphere Threat Isolator is integrated with HP’s SDN application. The application extends defense capabilities to detect malware once inside the network, and contains the outbreak immediately and automatically."

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