Azure Cloud Security Gateways

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The iboss Zero Trust SASE seamlessly integrates with Azure, with the next generation of Azure Cloud Security Gateways. This capability extends the security edge of iboss directly into Azure, ensuring efficient cloud security, logging, and robustness in malware defense, DLP, and adaptive access, all under a singular cloud admin console. Easily and securely connect remote users to private Azure Virtual Desktop, protect Azure infrastructure with iboss gateways hosted directly within customer-managed vnets, and connect Azure services across vnets with iboss gateways directly in Azure.

The iboss Azure Cloud Security Gateways offers an unparalleled fusion of protection and flexibility. By harnessing iboss’s unique containerized architecture, the security edge is extended natively into Azure private networks. Not only does this encompass comprehensive security capabilities ranging from CASB to malware defense and DLP, but it also guarantees unified policy management from the singular iboss cloud admin console that governs all user locations and access points.

The iboss gateways run directly with Azure and provide remote users with secure and direct access to private Azure resources, such as Azure Virtual Desktop. The Azure hosted gateways also provide security for Azure hosted infrastructure and services in addition to providing vnet to vnet connectivity.

This revolutionary capability provide the priceless advantage of running directly within customer-managed virtual networks, ensuring proximity to safeguarded resources and compliance with network policies set by the customer. The capability of direct HTTPS decryption and logging within Azure eliminates redundant data backhauling to data centers. The outcome results in a tangible reduction in costs, latency, and a performance boost. Furthermore, the gateway’s swift and automatic configuration and deployment simplify processes, streamlining time-to-value while allowing effective utilization of Azure investments.


  • Easily and securely connects users to Azure Virtual Desktop
  • Provides isolated and agentless access to Azure resources for contractors and guests
  • Provides cloud infrastructure security directly within Azure
  • Provides CASB, malware defense, DLP policies, adaptive access, and logging in Azure
  • Provides resources in Azure vnets with no public routes secure access out of Azure
  • Provides secure vnet to vnet connectivity with logging within Azure

How it Works

  • Users and devices are connected to the iboss Zero Trust SASE cloud security platform, which provides access, security, and logging visibility for all transactions to all resources.
  • As users interact with resources, the iboss Zero Trust SASE continuously measures connection metrics, including DNS and connection response times.
  • Because the iboss Zero Trust SASE provides per-request access decisions and visibility, each transaction is associated with timing and latency metrics.
  • The Digital Experience Management Add-On leverages timing metrics between users, devices, and resources to provide insight into the app, user, and device connection performance and experience.
  • The dashboards provide latency and timing for apps, users, and devices, including timing between specific users and devices to applications.
  • Users and devices with slower or high latency connections relative to their peers are identified and highlighted.

Ordering Information

SKU: iboss Zero Trust Edge – Available Directly in the Azure Marketplace
Required Package: Zero Trust Core or Higher

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the iboss Azure Cloud Security Gateways solution?

The iboss Azure Cloud Security Gateways is a capability that integrates the iboss Zero Trust SASE directly with Azure. It extends the security edge of iboss into Azure, allowing for efficient cloud security, logging, and robust defenses against threats, all managed from a unified cloud admin console.

How does the iboss solution integrate with Azure?

Through native integration, the iboss security edge is extended directly into Azure’s private networks. This means all the advanced security capabilities, ranging from CASB to malware defense and DLP, are now available natively within Azure environments.

What challenges do the iboss Azure Cloud Security Gateways address for network teams?

For network teams looking to connect users to private Azure resources that aren’t directly accessible to the public, our solution simplifies this process. Organizations can also reduce data center costs and complexity by eliminating data backhaul from Azure to data centers for security and logging by directly delivering security and logging within Azure, which is typically provided by firewalls and proxy appliances.

How does the solution benefit security teams, especially in regulated industries?

Security teams in highly regulated industries can ensure compliance and secure Azure resources without deploying traditional firewall appliances. The iboss solution provides the necessary security directly within Azure, accommodating the cloud-based nature of Azure resources.

How does this solution impact Azure Virtual Desktop users and contractors?

The iboss gateways within Azure broker connections from remote users to private infrastructure hosted within Azure, like the Azure Virtual Desktop. For enterprise users, staff, or contractors, connections are secure, authenticated, and logged, ensuring access is convenient and safe.

How does the iboss solution ensure local security for Azure-hosted infrastructure and services?

The iboss gateways within Azure deliver security directly within the vnet. This localized approach ensures that Azure-hosted infrastructure and services, including those without direct internet routes, are secure and logged.

How does the iboss solution handle Azure vnet-to-vnet communication and protection?

The gateways within Azure come equipped with a Zero Trust continuous adaptive access connectivity stack. This ensures resources within one Azure vnet can communicate securely with resources in another Azure vnet through iboss gateways, all while maintaining security and logging standards.

How is the solution deployed, and what is the time-to-value?

The deployment is entirely automatic, requiring no manual configuration. As a result, the system is operational within minutes, reducing complexity and speeding up time-to-value.

What benefits does the iboss solution bring in terms of costs and latency?

Providing direct HTTPS decryption and logging within Azure eliminates redundant data backhauling to data centers. This directly translates to reductions in costs and latency and improves performance.

Who should consider the iboss Azure Cloud Security Gateways solution?

Any organization that leverages Azure, including those from highly regulated industries like finance, healthcare, energy, and insurance, and particularly those where the Network and Security Teams seek to protect Azure resources and connect users securely to private Azure resources while maintaining strict compliance and security standards.

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