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Native Microsoft Integrations including Microsoft 365, Microsoft Cloud App Security CASB and Azure

Microsoft has an expansive cloud offering that is essential for modern businesses. That’s why iboss is one of the few Microsoft Trusted Security Partners which ensures complete compatibility, optimization and network security for the Microsoft 365 and Azure suite. The iboss cloud not only ensures seamless operation of functions such as Microsoft 365, but also integrates to easily leverage capabilities such as Microsoft’s Cloud App Security CASB platform. In addition, the iboss platform can provide one-click network Security as a Service for anything connected to Azure. This ensures the best visibility and control over cloud use and minimizes the amount of time to capture value in these investments.

Works flawlessly with Microsoft 365 to ensure up time

Secure Cloud Connectivity that works flawlessly with Microsoft 365. Native Microsoft 365 features designed to ensure no interruptions with the Microsoft connectivity. The iboss cloud automatically updates Microsoft IP Addresses and domains to ensure they are always up to date resulting in smooth connections to all of Microsoft’s services.

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Enforce Microsoft 365 Tenant Restrictions

Microsoft 365 Tenant Restrictions allow organizations to control cloud application access within Microsoft based on the logged in user’s identity. To do this, Microsoft expects tokens to be inserted into user web requests while accessing the Microsoft domain.

The iboss cloud natively supports Microsoft’s 365 Tenant Restrictions and automatically supports restricting users, by Group, to Microsoft resources. Configuration is easy and requires no custom coding or configuration. This ensures Microsoft cloud users meet organizational requirements.

One-Click Network Security as a Service for Microsoft Azure

As a Microsoft Trusted Security Partner, iboss can provide one-click network Security as a Service for Azure. This includes applying automatic network security for Internet bound traffic from servers, devices and users connected to Microsoft Azure. When enabled, Azure Firewall Manager will automatically route data through the iboss cloud platform for compliance, malware defense and data loss prevention with no low-level network configuration required. In addition, this eliminates the need to purchase and install virtual network firewalls from the Azure Marketplace reducing the overhead on IT teams. Everything is automatically configured and maintained between Microsoft Azure Firewall and iboss providing true cloud-based network Security as a Service for everything connected to Azure.

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Integrated into Microsoft’s Virtual WAN (vWAN) offering

Microsoft’s Virtual WAN connects branch offices and users through the Microsoft Virtual Hub located within Azure and allows access through Microsoft Azure to the Internet. This ensures users can access the private resources they need between offices or on the road while also gaining Internet connectivity through Microsoft’s global data centers.

The iboss cloud is natively integrated into Microsoft’s vWAN offering to allow Internet security to be applied to user access through Microsoft’s vWAN offering with ease. Because of the tight integration, user connectivity from branch offices to the Internet can easily be secured from malware and data loss.

Cohabitates natively inside Azure

The unique architecture of the iboss cloud supports today’s multi-cloud environment by leveraging iboss cloud’s global data centers in conjunction with other large public clouds like Azure to form a unified global cloud footprint. This is important to ensure that cloud gateways are close to the user wherever they roam. This is accomplished by having iboss cloud containerized gateways run directly within clouds like Azure at the same time as they run within iboss-operated data centers.

The iboss cloud natively extends into Azure without any IT intervention meaning the iboss cloud manages all cloud capacity within Microsoft Azure automatically. This simplifies expanding capacity by eliminating the need to manage virtual appliances traditionally purchased within the Azure Marketplace.

Integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Cloud App Security CASB

Native integration is supported for Microsoft CAS, which is Microsoft’s native CASB offering. The integration between iboss cloud and Microsoft is deep and configuration is achieved by simply entering Microsoft subscription info into the iboss cloud. Once configured, the iboss cloud will show native Microsoft CASB dashboards, show cloud application use and risk, as well as natively prevent the use of unsanctioned cloud applications blocked within the Microsoft CAS platform. The integration will automatically ensure the Microsoft CAS gets the information it needs while the iboss cloud prevents unwanted applications that may have been sanctioned within the Microsoft CAS solution.

Partnered with Microsoft to align with your cloud initiatives

The partnership between iboss and Microsoft is deep to ensure your go-forward cloud strategy is aligned for years to come. That’s why Microsoft selected iboss as one of the few Trusted Security Partners. In addition, iboss is a full Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider which allows Microsoft Technology to be natively integrated into the iboss platform itself. Technology partnerships allow you to fully leverage your Microsoft investments now and in the future. The iboss cloud is designed to reduce time to value and reduce friction in implementing cloud connectivity and security technologies.

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