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Ensure Fast Connections During State Testing

Leverage iboss cloud to ensure digital state testing goes smoothly with fast connections to the cloud

State testing has gone digital and moved to the cloud. The need for fast and uninterrupted connections during state testing is critical to ensure testing requirements are met satisfactorily. With state testing in the cloud, the volume of Internet traffic exponentially increases during testing season. This increase in volume can tax traditional web gateway appliances which struggle to keep up with Internet speeds. This can lead to slowdown or down time which results in interruptions during critical testing season. Unfortunately, this falls on the shoulders of already over burdened IT Administrators come under pressure from Superintendents and School Boards. With iboss cloud, infinite capacity is achieved by leveraging the elasticity of the cloud. And since iboss cloud lives in the cloud, there are no worries about failing appliances. This translates to fast and seamless testing seasons with praises for the IT Administrators responsible for making that happen.

Fast and uninterrupted connections during testing season by leveraging the cloud

State testing has moved to the cloud. This means schools will need more bandwidth than ever as both testing and school classrooms are connected to the cloud at the same time. Testing content is becoming more rich in nature and any slow downs or interruptions lead to high stress IT departments. With iboss cloud, students can complete state testing with fast connections as data is secured in the cloud. This alleviates stress during this critical time so IT Administrators can focus their efforts on other critical areas.

Scales automatically in the cloud when bandwidth increases during state testing

The iboss cloud lives in the cloud and automatically expands as demands increase during testing season. This ensures that students have fast connections to testing sites allowing for testing without hitches. The ability to handle bursts of bandwidth automatically ensures uninterrupted testing.

  1. Users Go MobileDesktops change to laptops and users are no longer in the network perimeter.
  2. Encrypted TrafficUnencrypted traffic shifts to encrypted HTTPS traffic due to mobility.
  3. Cloud Applications and FilesApplications move from servers to SaaS, and data & files move to online storage & access.
  4. Bandwidth ExplosionIncreased bandwidth usage due to remote users accessing remote cloud data needed for productivity.
  5. Security Moves to CloudData Center network security moves to the cloud where the users, applications, and data live.

No need to manage or purchase additional web gateway appliances to handle increased testing loads

Some IT departments resort to purchasing additional appliances to handle the load that occurs during state testing. The issue is all appliances are limited by capacity. Unfortunately, they typically reach their breaking point during the most critical times, including state testing. With iboss cloud, the burden of purchasing, installing and managing web gateway appliances is completely eliminated. The cloud scales automatically and can handle any amount of bandwidth with its built-in horizontal scaling capabilities. This saves time, money and grows as the needs of the school grow.

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