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CORE Package

$995 25 users/year

Our core offering provides essential web gateway security features delivered in the cloud

Malware Defense

$1295 25 users/year

The Malware Defense package adds best-of-breed malware defense and detection

Data Loss Prevention

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The Data Loss Prevention package adds deep, file-based data loss prevention capabilities

  • CORE Package
    Malware Defense
    Data Loss Prevention
  • Complete web & internet content filtering
    • Stream-based & deep file-based protection
    • Granular category and user-based web filtering
    • Trigger-based alerts
    • File extension, domain extension, and content MIME type blocking
    • Port access management
    • Policy inheritance and combinatorial rule-sets
    • Advanced Policy Layers
    • Dynamic real-time URL databases and feeds
    • SOCKS proxy support
  • Compliant with industry regulations
    • HIPAA certified with BAA
    • Meet financial regulations for web based messaging
    • CIPA compliant content filtering
  • SSL traffic management
    • Infinite SSL Inspection and Decryption in the cloud
    • Selectively decrypt based on content, device, user, or group
  • Cloud application and social media controls
    • CASB controls for applications, like G-Suite, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest
    • Advanced application scanning and deep packet inspection (DPI)
    • Granular control over evasive cloud applications, like TOR, BitTorrent, SnapChat, Skype, and more
    • Safe Search Enforcement for Google, Bing, and Yahoo
    • Clean Image Search and Translation Filtering for Google Services
  • Mobile device protection
    • Complete content filtering for iOS, Android, and Chromebook devices
    • BYOD & guest Wi-Fi policy management
  • EOL Browser and OS protection
    • Browser end-of-life (EOL) protection
    • Operating system end-of-life (EOL) protection
  • Advanced, real-time reporting
    • Reporting visibility regardless of user location
    • Comprehensive, log and drill-down reports
    • Live, historical, and statistical reports
    • Report scheduling and customization
    • Instantly pinpoint and lock users attempting to circumvent security via evasive protocols
    • Log event searching
    • Native Splunk integration
    • SIEM integration for forensic-level reporting
  • Centralized management and administration in the cloud
    • Cloud admin console with responsive web UI
    • Complete, unified policy management in the cloud
    • Seamless directory integration and group management
    • System-delegated administrators and reporting groups
    • Location-based policies
    • Custom branding on end-user sign-in and block pages
  • Flexible cloud security connectors for Internet security regardless of location
    • Protection for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Chromebook, and Linux devices
  • Malware prevention & breach detection
    • Malware identification and mitigation from best-of-breed malware databases
    • Up-to-the-minute threat information with synchronous database updates
  • Command and Control (CnC) callback detection
    • Domain, URL, and blacklisted IP monitoring
    • Geolocation for callback origin identification
  • Behavioral Malware Sandboxing Defense
    • Real-time auto-deposit of user downloaded files using signatures generated from behavioral sandboxing analysis
    • Blended AV scanning
  • Global cloud threat intelligence protection
    • Crowd-sourced threat intelligence for signatures and samples
    • Malware origin and behavior pattern investigation
  • Time-saving Incident Response Center
    • Real-time malware detection for prioritized response
    • Translation and prioritization of security event logs into incidents, reducing noise
    • Actionable to-do list for remediation and auditing of top security incidents
    • High risk/infected user and device identification
    • Deep forensic analysis to reduce false positives
    • Identification of IP aliases and malicious hosted files
    • Dwell time infection measurement
    • Snapshot of global historic outbreaks
  • Intrusion detection and prevention
    • Real-time intrusion, malware, and virus protection
    • Quickly and easily view event detail, including source and destination IP
    • Automatic and included threat feed subscriptions
    • Category-based malware rules
    • Visual IPS rule creation and editing
  • Deep file-based data loss prevention capabilities
    • Detect, alert, and stop the transfer of sensitive data to and from the cloud
    • Provides protection against unauthorized cloud use
  • Advanced sensitive content detection
    • Screen content to prevent unintended loss of sensitive information
    • Capable of scanning for Credit card numbers, email addresses, and other Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
  • Advanced Content Analysis Engines
    • Process and parse targeted files, ensuring that even compressed content is accessible to the detection engines
    • Set compressed file max scan depth to search for content deep within zip files
    • Analyzes numerous file types including PDF, Zip Files, and Outlook data files
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