iboss + FireEye Cloud Network Security

The traditional network perimeter is eroding while end users and devices are increasingly accessing data remotely. In addition, most organization’s data resides across multiple clouds, making it more difficult to secure.

In order to protect end traffic, users, devices, networks, assets, and data and from known and unknown threats in this new environment, organizations need a multi-vector defense to ensure all devices and users are protected regardless of location. iboss + FireEye Cloud Network Security provides advanced threat protection and data breach prevention through the cloud regardless of the end user’s location or form factor (desktop, laptop, tablet, server, IoT, and other mobile devices).

Built on the FireEye Network Security platform, the solution combines FireEye industry-leading detection with iboss natively built cloud architecture. As a result, advanced threat protection can follow users and devices wherever they go, giving organizations peace of mind regarding the security of their data.

Protection for all users, regardless of device or location

iboss + FireEye Cloud Network Security creates a cloud-based advanced threat and breach detection platform that provides unparalleled threat visibility and comprehensive network protections delivered through the cloud to protect users and devices against the world’s most sophisticated and damaging attacks, regardless of the location.

iboss + FireEye Top Benefits

Security Anywhere

Designed for dynamic network architectures, iboss + FireEye Cloud Network Security provides flexible alternatives for security administrators to easily protect their end traffic, users, devices, networks, assets, data.

Detects threats others miss

Patented FireEye MVX analysis and intelligence-driven technologies provide state of the art, signatureless detection and protection against a variety of threats, including advanced attacks and zero-days that other solutions miss.

Provides alerts that matter

iboss + FireEye Cloud Network Security utilizes intelligence earned from the frontlines of the world’s biggest breaches, giving customers high-fidelity alerts when it matters most, saving time and resources to triage an alert.

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