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Identify high risk and at risk students and web activity

Helps detect at risk and high risk students sooner to avoid tragedies

Identifying high risk or at risk students early is critical in order to get them the help they need before tragedy occurs. In addition to real time alerts when a high risk or at risk student is identified, iboss cloud also provides the historical information across all students which is critical during incident investigations regardless of whether the student was on or off campus.

Automatically alert when high risk or at risk student behavior is detected including threats against others and self harm

High risk alerts can easily be configured within the iboss cloud to signal administrators when high risk activity occurs. The alerts occur in real-time and have the intelligence to identify keywords in searches across search engines and other cloud applications. There are built-in search triggers as well as the ability to customize alerts based on certain searches or keywords. Alerts can be configured on a per-group basis to ensure adequate protection is applied to all student class levels. These alerts can detect when high risk students are planning harm to themselves or others even when the student is on school devices at home.

Complete history of student Internet activity which is critical during an incident investigation

When an investigation is required, detailed log-level reports can be generated that include full search engine history as well as other cloud use. This includes activity across social media sites and access to other materials online including posting and commenting. The iboss cloud provides a single pane of glass that spans all student activity that is generated on and off campus since students are always connected the iboss cloud at all times. These reports can be provided to senior level administrators and law enforcement to ensure a safe environment for students.

Extends protection across all student devices regardless of location, including on campus and at home

High risk activity from at risk students isn’t always constrained to activity performed on campus. Since the iboss cloud follows the student in order to provide protection at all times, it has the ability to provide visibility to high risk activity while the student is off campus and at home. This is critical in providing the visibility needed to prevent tragedies on campus and create the investigative reports necessary to deal with a high risk circumstance.

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