For Education

Enhance Google Classroom with tools that enable you to manage students remotely

View the screens of your students from a single dashboard and instantly close any open browser tab

The iboss platform integrates with Google Classroom, adding tools that enable you to manage students from any location, including on-campus or at home.

Visually monitor the activities of all of your students, from any location

Are your students completing those quadratic equations that you assigned, or are they playing online games instead?

The iboss Google Classroom integration enables you to view the screens of all of your students from a single page. The images automatically refresh to stay current. This tool allows you to monitor student activities while lecturing, during exams, or when students are completing assignments. And the iboss Cloud platform enables you to do this from any location: whether you are in a brick-and-mortar classroom or teaching from a remote location.

Classroom Management

See a Step-By-Step Overview of iboss Classroom Management

Close any browser tab remotely and send a message explaining why

View a list of every browser tab that a student has open. Instantly close any tab and send an optional message that is displayed on the student’s screen when the tab is closed. Easily see when a student is hiding distracting content in other tabs and let them know that you’re watching. And you can do it without having to say a word or disrupt other students.

Add multiple teachers to a single classroom, or an individual teacher to multiple classrooms

The iboss platform natively integrates with Google Classroom to take full advantage of its capabilities. This design means that you retain the flexibility to add multiple teachers to a classroom or assign a single teacher to multiple classrooms.

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