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Organizations need to adapt their network and security plans to future-proof their security investments. On-premises legacy appliances were never meant to support today’s modern remote workforce, which is why many organizations are moving to the cloud. Get stronger security, increased productivity, and offload your VPN.

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Take inventory of on-prem proxy appliances and phase out hardware with equivalent network security services in the cloud.


Look to consolidate vendors for SWG, CASB, Malware Defense and DLP as contracts end for on-prem proxy infrastructure and network security.


Increase security by moving to a user and role-based security model that allows security policies to be applied to all connections regardless of user location.


Transition from VPN by shifting traffic to a SASE platform which provides security in the cloud and allows users to connect directly and securely to all cloud apps.


Look for a cloud platform that provides core security functions in the cloud so that protection is always in place for all connections regardless of user location.

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