Microsoft Use Case

Cloud Security For Azure Firewall Manager

Secure Network Traffic Leaving the Azure Edge for Microsoft Azure
Connected Users, Devices and Servers

  • Azure Firewall Manager secures East-West traffic within Azure, which perfectly complements iboss’ ability to secure traffic entering and leaving the Azure edge to untrusted cloud destinations
    • iboss full proxy (content aware) inspection of files and cloud application traffic (including Man in the Middle decryption) dovetails with Azure Firewall Manager’s layer 4 firewall protection
  • As a certified Microsoft Trusted Security Partner, iboss can deliver instant, true SaaS Security for all Azure-connected users, devices, and cloud infrastructure
    • Eliminates the need to purchase and configure firewalls or proxies from Azure marketplace reducing purchasing friction and virtual firewall appliance deployment complexities
    • All configuration & routing performed automatically by the iboss platform, allowing instant protection for cloud assets without complex network configuration
    • Co-developed with Microsoft, iboss’ solution automatically configures, scales & provides turn-key cloud & internet protection for Azure, covering all internet-bound traffic leaving the Azure edge
  • iboss runs within Azure, which results in better performance and lower costs

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