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Stream Cloud Logs to External SIEM

Gain visibility to cloud activity by streaming real-time log events directly from iboss cloud to your existing logging database or SIEM

Many organizations have implemented SIEM as well as other logging databases and use the information from these databases to make informed decisions. Although the iboss cloud includes deep and native reporting, customers may also need to send event logs to additional reporting platforms.

The iboss cloud can stream logs directly from the cloud which contain events including web access logs, malware events and data loss alerts. These logs can be streamed in real time to multiple SIEMs concurrently.

In addition, log events can be filtered to forward only certain types of logs such as web event logs, malware logs or DLP logs so that dedicated teams focused on responding to particular events only receive the events related to their function.

Connecting the iboss cloud to an external logging system requires no custom coding or virtual appliances and is easily configured through the iboss cloud admin console. Unlike on-prem gateway appliances, which are only aware of on-prem user activity, iboss cloud both protects and reports on users wherever they roam.

Stream real-time event logs directly from the cloud to your SIEM service

Streaming real-time log events from the iboss cloud occurs directly from the iboss cloud to the external SIEM. Other cloud solutions require the installation and configuration of Virtual Appliances in order to receive real-time logs from the cloud to the SIEM. This adds unnecessary burden as the virtual appliances must then be managed by limited IT staff.

iboss cloud - Stream Logs to External SIEM from the Cloud

The iboss cloud requires no additional external virtual appliances and will stream real-time event logs directly from the cloud to any SIEM, providing full visibility without the burden of managing unnecessary virtual appliances to achieve this capability.

Gain visibility into blind spots for mobile users and branch offices

The reporting and analytics provided by a SIEM is only as good as the data it receives. Without quality data, the SIEM is unable to provide the valuable insight that security teams need to make decisions. Typically with on-prem web gateway appliances, there is great visibility into on-prem user activity but very limited visibility when users leave the office as the on-prem appliances struggle with inspecting and securing mobile user traffic. This issue is only made worse as the SIEM also loses visibility into the log events generated from mobile user cloud access due to the lack of log events from the on-prem gateways.

The iboss cloud secures users wherever they roam and those logs can be forwarded to any SIEM directly from the cloud to gain visibility into blind spots created from mobile access. This increases an organization’s security posture and provides critical mobile user and branch office visibility.

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Integrate iboss cloud with your Security Operations Center (SOC) or MSSP

The iboss cloud can stream logs in a variety of formats, including syslog and SFTP. SOCs and MSSPs require event data to respond to infections and incidents. The iboss cloud can provide these logs for users regardless of location. In addition, the log data can be formatted without special coding to ensure the events flow naturally into already implemented Security Operations Centers or Managed Security Services Provider data centers.

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The iboss cloud can secure user Internet access on any device, from any location, in the cloud. Best of all, you can start using it immediately to protect your users instantly.

What you get
  • In the cloud Internet security
  • Advanced Internet malware protection that follows users
  • Advanced cloud and SaaS controls
  • Web filtering and compliance controls
  • Internet security for in-office users without appliances
  • Branch office Internet security without data backhaul
  • And a lot more…
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