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The best protection from malware and threats via iboss and top-ranked malware engines and feeds

Top-ranked malware engines and feeds are also included in the iboss cloud malware defense package to provide defense-in-depth protection by leveraging leading Cybersecurity companies and cutting edge malware defense technology.

There is no single Cybersecurity strategy or solution that can prevent all malware. The combination of various techniques and approaches are required to ensure the most comprehensive protection is applied to user Internet connectivity.

There are core categories of protection that can be applied to ensure secure connectivity between users and the cloud.

Malware Engines are able to decompose entire files, web pages and content and inspect them for malicious threats. Next-gen anti-malware engines capable of analyzing files are critical for protection that goes beyond firewall packets and streams.

Threat feeds contain signatures, destination and content used to determine whether an Internet transaction is malicious or is originating from an infected device. These feeds contain various types of signatures including phishing destinations, Botnet Command and Control (CnC) destinations and file signatures. Many of these feeds are created by sophisticated threat research teams, like Verizon Managed Security Services which deals with over 1 million incidents per day and has visibility into over 80% of the world’s Internet traffic. The ability to apply threat feeds to the data the cloud gateways are processing results in applying the millions of daily man hours of security intelligence to protect users from daily evolving threats.

Log analytics intelligence allow the ability to distill the millions of log events that occur daily into meaningful insight that administrators can understand. In addition, user behavioral analytics signal when something is wrong not when an infection occurs, but when user behavior changes. This user behavioral changes can be due to malware hijacking user credentials or insider threats. The iboss cloud generates log events for all cloud activity, malware events and DLP alerts which can all be analyzed by iboss intelligence as well as integrated third-party intelligence.

Industry top-ranked malware engines for signature-less malware protection

The iboss cloud extends included iboss malware engines and threat feeds with additional included engines at no additional cost. The malware engines come from industry leading vendors and research labs. These engines provide deep file analysis and signature-less malware protection to ensure users have the best protection while accessing the Internet regardless of location.

The iboss cloud platform can also SaaS deliver world-class FireEye network security protection in the cloud. This includes the most advanced malware defense based on of the world’s leading malware research team. SaaS delivered FireEye protection applies to users regardless of location as the protection is delivered in the cloud.

It applies to all streams, including decrypted content, for full visibility and protection across all streams.

With the blended malware engines and feeds, the iboss cloud consistently achieves the highest ratings on independent malware tests. The iboss cloud was the first cloud-based security platform tested by Virus Bulletin and was awarded the VB Web Award for performance.

See the Virus Bulletin Test Report

Feel secure against Ransomware – one of the

most pervasive and current threats in the wild today

Based on a 2019 Miercom Report, the iboss cloud detected 100% of ransomware – one of the most pervasive and current threats on the internet today. In addition, the iboss cloud achieved 100% protection against advanced evasive techniques, advanced persistent threats, backdoor malware and remote access trojans using advanced signature-less malware detection. The techniques in which the iboss cloud combats malware resulted in 22% higher efficacy scores compared to the average vendor in our industry to date.

See the Miercom Certified Secure Report

Dozens of leading Threat and Phishing feeds automatically included in platform

The iboss cloud also includes dozens of industry leading threat and reputation feeds. These feeds include WebRoot and Bright Cloud among dozens of others. These are automatically included which means that data will not only be scanned using iboss malware engines and feeds, but will also be scanned leveraging these feeds and research labs. This provides the highest level of protection by leveraging threat protection from research of Cybersecurity teams across the world.

Virtually any malware engine or feed can be applied to user Internet access

In addition to the included malware engines and feeds, the iboss cloud has the capability of applying virtually any malware engine and any feed to the data that traverses the containerized cloud gateways. The platform is 100% API driven which allows administrators to also feed additional threat intelligence into the platform. In addition, feeds such as those from the Verizon Security Team can be leveraged instantaneously. This provides access to additional protection from the latest technologies while eliminating all of the IT work required to test these technologies. The result is higher efficacy and better protection at a lower overall cost.

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