Next-Gen Incident Dashboard

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The Next-Gen Incident Dashboard by the iboss Zero Trust SASE equips security administrators with a sophisticated platform to monitor and instantly address security threats. Designed meticulously with workflows in mind, it offers a comprehensive view of enterprise-wide incidents, ensuring timely remediation and enhanced protection.

The iboss Zero Trust SASE’s Next-Gen Incident Dashboard is not just a tool, but an indispensable ally for organizations where cybersecurity is paramount. Serving as the nerve center for threat detection and management, this dashboard dynamically captures and displays incidents across an enterprise. Whether it’s infected devices, high-risk users, or significant data loss prevention events, every detail is showcased in real-time. For instance, should a data loss incident emerge, the dashboard dives deep, presenting a multifaceted perspective of the event. This encompasses everything from the involved user and the implicated files to the exact destination details and the device in play.

A hallmark of the Next-Gen Incident Dashboard is its forensic precision. Beyond just reporting an incident, it chronicles a detailed timeline associated with each event. Such a meticulous record reveals any preceding or contributory incidents, giving administrators the full picture. Consider, for example, an infected device incident. The dashboard wouldn’t merely flag it. It would illuminate the entirety of the event’s history — the device, the user involved, and the sequence of actions that led to the security breach.

The Next-Gen Incident Dashboard is an invaluable asset to security teams, empowering administrators with information and control, and fostering an environment of continuous security enhancement.


  • Enhanced Visibility: Get a bird’s-eye view of all security incidents across the enterprise.
  • Detailed Incident Documentation: Access thorough details of every security breach or event.
  • Swift Remediation: With real-time alerts and admin assignments, incidents are addressed immediately.
  • Unified Platform: Enjoy seamless monitoring regardless of user location, providing consistent protection.
  • User Behavior Analysis: Understand high-risk user behaviors to facilitate training.
  • Continuous Improvement: Use data-driven insights from the dashboard for an evolved security approach.

How it Works

  • Incident Capture: Actively records all incidents across the enterprise, including data breaches and device infections.
  • Detailed Timelines: Every incident comes with a comprehensive timeline, revealing contributory events.
  • Phishing Incident Monitoring: Highlights risky user behaviors by flagging phishing link interactions, facilitating training.
  • Real-time Alerts: Instant notifications sent upon incident creation.
  • Workflow Oriented: Facilitates assigning administrators to specific incidents for prompt resolution.
  • Content Exceptions: Displays user requests for exceptions, enabling easy admin interventions.

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