Digital Experience Management

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The iboss Digital Experience Management (DEM) provides insights into end-user experience while leveraging business-critical SaaS applications. The Digital Experience Management Add-On provides vital user experience metrics, including request times between users, assets, and resources. It helps identify users experiencing connectivity issues that can impact productivity.

Business-critical applications have moved to the cloud, and slow connections can severely impact end-user productivity. It’s difficult to quickly identify users who may be experiencing problems affecting workforce effectiveness. The iboss Digital Experience Management solves this problem by providing insight into the end-user experience while interacting with business-critical SaaS applications. It provides dashboards showing response times and latency between users and the applications such as Microsoft O365. This helps IT teams provide proactive help to those users who may be experiencing problems to ensure they are highly productive and effective at delivering business value.

The Digital Experience Management provides latency and response times by application, user, and device. This includes detailed information that offers overall response times to applications across all users and between a specific application and user. In addition, the Digital Experience Dashboards also display user and device outliers experiencing slower connections relative to their peers. This helps identify when an application or SaaS provider may have an issue or a problem related to a specific user or device. This provides the information necessary to avoid helpdesk calls and proactively support users to be the most productive possible.


  • Boosts user productivity by identifying and resolving connectivity issues
  • Enables proactive IT support through comprehensive visibility into user connectivity
  • Assures optimum performance of critical SaaS applications
  • Provides real-time insights for swift resolution of performance issues
  • Empowers strategic decision-making with data-driven application performance insights
  • Reduces helpdesk calls by proactively resolving connectivity and performance issues

How it Works

  • Users and devices are connected to the iboss Zero Trust SASE cloud security platform, which provides access, security, and logging visibility for all transactions to all resources.
  • As users interact with resources, the iboss Zero Trust SASE continuously measures connection metrics, including DNS and connection response times.
  • Because the iboss Zero Trust SASE provides per-request access decisions and visibility, each transaction is associated with timing and latency metrics.
  • The Digital Experience Management Add-On leverages timing metrics between users, devices, and resources to provide insight into the app, user, and device connection performance and experience.
  • The dashboards provide latency and timing for apps, users, and devices, including timing between specific users and devices to applications.
  • Users and devices with slower or high latency connections relative to their peers are identified and highlighted.

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