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Scale your MSP offering by leveraging iboss to secure Internet access in the cloud, eliminating the need for network security appliances

Virtually every application is moving to the cloud, eliminating on-prem infrastructure as applications become delivered as a service. SaaS allows businesses to consume applications quickly and easily, enabling them to become more productive and competitive while also enabling mobility, as employees can work from anywhere while leveraging critical business applications such as Office 365.

The shift to the cloud requires fast and secure Internet connections from anywhere. The iboss cloud secures Internet access on any device, from any location, in the cloud. The foundation of switching to cloud is the ability secure connectivity with scalibility to support infinite bandwidth and connections. Since iboss runs in the cloud, it can scale to any capacity instantly, removing the restrictions and limited performance of on-prem appliances.

The iboss platform creates a transformative opportunity for Managed Service Providers by providing the ability to instantly deliver secure connectivity without the need to ship, install and configure on-prem firewalls and proxies. This means MSPs can acquire and support more customers by focusing on security policies rather than infrastructure and the associated time and money spent on-site at customer locations. A customer’s security policy can be managed from anywhere, using the world-class iboss admin console that allows MSPs to link to all customer accounts in one place. MSPs can also generate detailed HR and compliance reports with ease.

Best of all, since iboss is delivered in the cloud, customers can be signed up and deployed instantly, without hardware, meaning more revenue and customers with less overhead.

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Key Reasons to Become an iboss MSP Partner

Innovative technology

Cloud based Internet security with immediate ROI, easy migration from legacy appliances, and on-demand scalability.

100% Cloud. 100% Subscription

The iboss cloud is sold as a 100% SaaS subscription, and can be deployed within minutes -- that means there’s no hardware to buy and manage.

Global Sales and Support Engineers

Global sales and support engineers help you with the technical assistance to close deals quickly.

Fast Deployment in the Cloud

The iboss cloud leverages the cloud to seamlessly protect users wherever they roam.

No Appliances Installs Means More Customers

By eliminating the need to purchase and install appliances, you can focus on servicing more customers and increasing revenue.

Central MSP Admin Portal Allows Easy Management of Multiple Customers

The iboss cloud admin console provides a single pane of glass across all customers for easy account management from anywhere.

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