Remote Browser Isolation to decrease the device attack surface

Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) protects users accessing high-risk web sites from threats and limits sensitive data leaks from unmanaged devices.

As users continue to work from anywhere it is possible they will need access to web sites categorized with a high threat risk score. To solve this challenge organizations can deploy iboss Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) technology. Using RBI enables organizations to reduce the threat risk for devices browsing unsafe web sites. Additionally, RBI can be used to allow unmanaged devices controlled access to sensitive data hosted on public cloud applications. 

Limit direct access to high-risk web sites to prevent malware

The RBI feature allows the iboss platform to enable a remote browser session for cases where a user has requested access to a web site that has been categorized as high-risk. Instead of allowing the user to directly access the high-risk web site through their native browser, the iboss platform will render the web content in an isolated session. The use of an isolated session ensures that the user’s browser and endpoint device never directly access the web content. The lack of direct access to content increases protection against malware and other threats.

Prevent sensitive data loss to unmanaged devices

For unmanaged devices the RBI feature can limit access to sensitive data hosted on any public cloud application such as Box and Dropbox. To ensure that sensitive data is not downloaded by users working on unmanaged devices, the iboss platform instantiates a remote browser session to allow that user secure data access. The user on the unmanaged device is required to use an RBI session that limits access to viewing and modifying files. The RBI sessions prevents the user from downloading or moving data from a trusted to an untrusted location or device. This safeguards sensitive data and prevents unauthorized download by users on unmanaged devices.

Provides comprehensive security to secure all traffic

The iboss platform delivers comprehensive security, including Remote Browser Isolation, IPS, malware protection, DLP, CASB and user-based access controls to secure all traffic from a native browser. If further protection is required the iboss platform can automatically create an RBI session to prevent direct access to the web content, providing additional security.

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