Outbound Firewall Protection That Extends Beyond the Physical Network Perimeter

The ability to track connections and provide stream-based firewall protection is typically limited to on-site users. With iboss cloud, firewall protection extends to users regardless of where they are located.

Firewall protection is typically limited to users while they are working on-site because data is forced through traditional on-prem network security appliances. The challenge is users are no longer constrained to working within the four walls of the organization due to cloud application use, mobility and mobile devices. This leaves users vulnerable to no firewall protection while on the road.

The iboss cloud provides full outbound firewall protection for users regardless of location. This includes Intrusion Prevention, connection tracking, NAT, as well as IP and Port blocking. The containerized architecture extends firewall protection to users at all times to ensure fast and secure connections to cloud applications.

Intrusion Prevention Regardless of User Location

Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) identify threats in stream-based data. The iboss cloud’s containerized architecture allows stream-based data to be processed even when users are remote. Full firewall IPS is supported, including the ability to use existing IPS signature subscriptions. Custom signatures can also be imported into iboss cloud. This allows firewall IPS protection for user Internet traffic at all times without worrying about whether they are onsite or on the road.

Core Firewall Functions Including Connection Tracking and NAT

The iboss cloud firewall service performs full connection tracking and firewall functions, such as Network Address Translation (NAT). This allows stream-based flows to traverse the iboss cloud via tunnels or iboss Cloud Connectors. The iboss Cloud Connectors can transparently tunnel data directly from user devices to the iboss cloud for firewall protection. As data flows through iboss cloud, firewall security is applied to the streams to ensure compliance and security.

Block IP Addresses and Ports by Group

For PCI compliance, the need to block IP Addresses and ports is critical. The iboss cloud provides these critical capabilities and extends the features so they can be dynamically applied to users or groups dynamically. IP ranges and port ranges are supported in combination with user identity.

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