Cloud Infrastructure Protection for Azure and AWS

As servers move to the cloud, network security needs to move to the cloud as well. The iboss cloud protects Azure and AWS workloads in the cloud within seconds.

Protecting Azure and AWS server instances with malware defense and intrusion prevention is easily accomplished with iboss cloud. Instances are connected directly to the iboss cloud service which delivers security as a service ensuring instances are protected from breaches and malware.

Native Cloud Connectors for AWS and Azure

The iboss cloud includes native cloud connectors that allow Azure and AWS server instances to be connected to cloud security. The connectors ensure outbound connections created by the server instances are scanned for threats and malware as data flows in both directions. The connector can be included into server templates to automatically connect auto-scaling instances or pre-defined instances to cloud security. Best of all, connecting cloud server instances to cloud security requires no virtual network changes as the connector completely handles connecting server instances to cloud security.

Intrusion Prevention and Signature-less Malware Prevention

Advanced Malware Defense cover image

The iboss cloud delivers signature-less malware protection, intrusion prevention, DLP and compliance policies to cloud workloads. The iboss cloud scales to any volume of traffic and is delivered as a SaaS offering allowing security administrators to focus on policies and security. This eliminates the need to purchase virtualized firewalls and network security appliances in  cloud marketplaces which require management, patching and do not scale as server traffic volume increases. This is critical as the complexity of managing virtual firewall appliances can become a large burden as traffic volumes increase over time.

No Cloud Network Reconfiguration Required

Connecting Azure and AWS server instances to virtualized security appliances typically requires virtual network reconfiguration to ensure traffic from the servers traverse the cloud firewall. This can be challenging as the volume of server instances and traffic volume grows which quickly saturate the cloud security appliance. This also introduces even further costs and complexity as cloud virtual load balancers must be purchased and configured to handle the increasing traffic load.

The iboss cloud leverages cloud connectors that are configured on the Azure and AWS servers themselves to connect the instances to the cloud security service. The connectors eliminate any cloud network reconfiguration and support infinite scaling with no maintenance. This reduces management and appliance purchasing costs and provides the scalability needed as cloud workloads increase over time.