Connect Cloud Providers including AWS & Azure to Protect Multi-Cloud Resources

Automatically secure Internet access for Microsoft Azure connected users, devices and servers with iboss Cloud Platform.

Together, iboss and Microsoft are delivering seamless security for your Internet traffic using Azure Firewall Manager and Secured Virtual Hubs. With just a few clicks, you can secure all Internet traffic leaving Microsoft Azure with industry-leading cloud security. This includes all Azure connected users, devices, servers and branch offices connected to your Azure VNets.

Azure customers get optimized connectivity to iboss security from across the globe, wherever Azure regions are located. Combine the ability to use the iboss Cloud Platform for user-based internet traffic, and the Azure Firewall for your private traffic in the Secured Hubs, to start building your security edge on Azure.

iboss Secures Internet Traffic Directly Within Azure VNets

Internet traffic from Azure Virtual Networks (VNets) can be automatically routed through iboss for cloud security to protect Internet access for Azure workloads.

Azure Firewall Manager

Azure Firewall Manager is a new security management service that provides central security policy and route management for cloud-based security perimeters. Azure is currently the only cloud provider to offer traffic governance, routing control, and third party integrated security through Azure Firewall and Firewall Manager. Global admins can centrally create hub and spoke architecture and associate security or routing policies with such a hub, referred to as a secured virtual hub.

With trusted security partners, you can use your familiar, industry-leading, third-party security as a service (SECaaS) offerings to protect internet access for your users. Microsoft announced a partnership with iboss, as the trusted security partner.

Step-By-Step Demonstration

Here’s a quick demonstration of how iboss and Microsoft Azure enable secured virtual hubs

Clients Are Secured by iboss Wherever Azure Points of Presence Are Located

Internet traffic from branch offices can be automatically secured with cloud security by connecting offices to Microsoft Azure Virtual Hubs, which automatically routes traffic through iboss for cloud security.

Security Delivered As a Service

The iboss Cloud Platform delivers signature-less malware protection, intrusion prevention, DLP and compliance policies to cloud workloads. The Platform scales to any volume of traffic and is delivered as a SaaS offering allowing security administrators to focus on policies and security. This eliminates the need to purchase virtualized firewalls and network security appliances in  cloud marketplaces which require management, patching and do not scale as server traffic volume increases. This is critical as the complexity of managing virtual firewall appliances can become a large burden as traffic volumes increase over time.

Native Cloud Connectors for AWS and Azure

The iboss Cloud Platform includes native cloud connectors that allow Azure and AWS server instances to be connected to cloud security. The connectors ensure outbound connections created by the server instances are scanned for threats and malware as data flows in both directions. The connector can be included into server templates to automatically connect auto-scaling instances or pre-defined instances to cloud security. Best of all, connecting cloud server instances to cloud security requires no virtual network changes as the connector completely handles connecting server instances to cloud security.

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