How to Support the Modern Workforce in a Cloud-First World

“It’ll only be three weeks,” they said.

Well, three weeks working from home has quickly turned into 18+ months, for many. As 2020 has come and gone, many organizations have made the decision to offer hybrid working environments for employees, while others have decided to allow their employees to work from anywhere, permanently.

The way people work has changed forever.

On-prem proxy appliances were not designed for the modern, cloud-driven, world. They were designed to protect network traffic for users within offices, yet those users continue to work from ‘anywhere.’ Organizations must ensure their remote users are supported. These users need secure connectivity, regardless of location. As many business-critical applications have shifted to the cloud, organizations need to address securing network security from any device to any application – regardless of where users choose to work.

Moving to a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) platform may be the right move for your organization as you continue to support the modern ‘work from anywhere’ workforce. A SASE cloud platform can help retire your on-prem hardware or reduce the cost of keeping on-premises hardware, scaling to meet your organization’s needs. It will improve employee productivity and make them happier by providing faster access to all apps, securely.

Migrating to a SASE cloud platform doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Don’t journey alone. There are five steps that can help you map out what’s right for your organization, and get started on your transition away from on-prem network security to the cloud.

  1. Take inventory of your network architecture– Ask yourself is it meeting our needs?
  2. Consolidate vendors– Simplify by consolidating and re by consolidating and reducing the number of vendors.
  3. Adopt zero trust– Adopt tech that allows you to always verify the legitimacy of every connection.
  4. Eliminate VPNs– Eliminate this huge security vulnerability. Lose the latency and poor user experience.
  5. Gain visibility and control– Even under the new paradigm, maintain visibility and control over your security.

iboss Chief Product Officer, Eric Cornelius, was a recent guest on the Ingram Micro B2B Tech Talk podcast where we discussed how iboss helps customers handle SASE challenges.

Listen to his episode here:

iboss enables the modern workforce to connect securely and directly to all applications from wherever they work. Built on a containerized cloud architecture, the iboss Cloud Platform provides the fastest connections and lowest latency, with virtually all security capabilities needed to ensure users can access any resource they need. By eliminating VPNs and allowing users to connect directly to cloud applications, users are more productive and have the best user experience.

Download iboss’ guide, 5 Steps to SASE: A Journey to the Cloud.