2021 CRN Partner Program Guide: Recognized as a 5-Star Security Vendor

Today’s workplace has evolved, and it continues to evolve every day as many workforces are now remote and widely dispersed. However, regardless of where an employee is physically located, there are two things that haven’t changed: the need for security and connectivity. Network security has also been evolving. On-prem SWG appliances were never designed to meet the demands of today’s ‘work form anywhere’ world, further accelerating the move to the cloud. To meet the needs of customers, IT Solution Providers quickly adapted to offer the best available technology that balances security and connectivity, regardless of location or device.

To help our channel partners meet the ever-evolving technology demands of their customers, iboss recently announced the launch of a brand-new, incentive-based partner program. The program is part of iboss’s commitment to a channel-first approach that will help ensure more organizations have access to cloud-security built for the future. With that, we are thrilled that the iboss Partner Program also recently received CRN’s 5-Star designation.

The iboss Channel Partner Program offers partners growth, innovation and enablement to support distributors, solution providers and MSPs who offer iboss’s industry leading Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) cloud platform to customers. With global resources, tools and training to efficiently meet customer needs, the program supports partners and rewards them based on their commitment to iboss. One of the top benefits the program offers is deal protection. Partners can ensure their opportunities are protected through deal registration and can earn margins for reselling iboss cloud platform and service offerings.

One key theme in this year’s CRN 2021 Partner Program Guide is the demand for cloud-based security solutions that ensure customer networks are connected and protected at all times, regardless of whether employees are in the office or working remotely. In the new post-COVID world, where 82% of company leaders say they intend to permit remote working at least some of the time, cybersecurity solutions can no longer take the “castle-and-moat” approach and protect only what is within the four walls of the physical office.

Modern workforces will continue to rely on cloud-based productivity applications that are now permanent company fixtures including Office 365, Google Docs, DropBox and Zoom among others. Though these tools have been a boon for remote work productivity, they are often used to access sensitive company information from personal devices or on unsecured home and public WiFi networks, which opens organizations to a variety of security vulnerabilities.

Remote work and the use of cloud applications are trends that have been brewing for some time. We saw this shift to a more dispersed workforce coming years ago so we designed our platform on a proprietary and 100% cloud-based architecture that is built for the future.

Today, the award-winning iboss Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solution delivers network security features and policies — such as web gateway proxies, network firewalls and Zero Trust Network Access — regardless of where employees are located or what device they are using. Our SASE solution eliminates the need for expensive, on-premise security appliances by securely connecting employees directly to the cloud applications they rely on and automatically scaling to ensure productivity and compliance.

To learn more about iboss’s 5-Star designation from CRN, read the report here.

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