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iboss and Microsoft Azure Working Together to Enable Secured Virtual Hubs
November 6, 2019
iboss Delivers SaaS Cloud Security for Microsoft Azure
Automatically secure Internet access for Microsoft Azure connected users, devices and servers with iboss cloud. Together, iboss and...
Microsoft Azure Secured Virtual Hubs Microsoft Virtual Hubs VirtualHubs Internet Security Azure Secured Virtual Hubs
iboss + SD-WAN - cover image
October 1, 2019
iboss Integrates Seamlessly with SD-WAN Solutions to Provide Cloud-Based Internet Security
Have you moved to an SD-WAN solution, hoping to reduce costs and increase efficiency? If so, you...
backhaul secure Internet SD-WAN IPSec GRE dedicated IP
Event log with a sample of data
October 1, 2019
Use iboss Reporting Tools to Quickly Generate Detailed Forensic Reports and High-Level Executive Summaries
Has your boss ever requested a report that details a user's network activity during a specific timeframe?...
Reports logs event viewer timeframe callout scheduling reports dashboard
iboss + SD-WAN - cover image
September 25, 2019
iboss Delivers Comprehensive Malware Defense and DLP
Have you moved to an SD-WAN solution, hoping to reduce costs and increase efficiency? If so, you...
malware DLP web security
Figure 1 - The File Uploads section with several Prevent File Uploads controls
August 20, 2019
Prevent Unauthorized Outbound File Transfers With Advanced CASB Controls
How do you prevent unauthorized file uploads to unsanctioned online services? With the iboss cloud, this is as...
cloud security CASB Cloud Access Security Broker block Dropbox block OneDrive block block Google Drive
iboss and Google Chromebook Cover image
August 2, 2019
Gain Greater Control Over YouTube and Social Media Activity By Securing Chromebooks With the iboss Cloud Connector
Let's take a look at some of the ways that the iboss cloud connector enables you to...
YouTube Google Classroom cloud connector agent backhaul Chromebook ChromeOS keyword filter