iboss is a Proud Cybersecurity Awareness Month Champion

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Now in its 18th year, Cybersecurity Awareness Month continues to educate people about the importance of cybersecurity and help ensure that everyone has the resources they need to be safer and more secure online. 

At the start of the pandemic, most organizations quickly shifted from a traditional office-based workforce to one that is primarily remote or hybrid. Almost two years later, many organizations continue to be in the same boat. Realistically, the modern workforce has changed forever. Employees are working from anywhere, and that’s here to stay.  

With employees working from ‘anywhere,’ organizations need to shift how they approach network security. The castle and moat approach doesn’t work, as users are no longer confined to the four walls of an office. This means network security must shift to the cloud and follow users regardless of where they’re located. Employees want (and need) anytime, anywhere access to any application. By shifting to the cloud, organizations can ensure their employees stay productive, without sacrificing security.  

This year, iboss committed to be a Cybersecurity Awareness Month Champion. And, today we kick off our “Cybersecurity Awareness Month Tour.” 

Throughout the month, iboss will offer tips and tricks that organizations can implement to strengthen their cybersecurity postures. We’ll also participate in webinars and events  to help educate customers, partners and employees on how they can stay safe online. 

Here’s where you can find us:  

Webinar Wednesdays 

Oct 6: The Evolving Cyber Threat Landscape: Protect Your Modern Workforce | Register here 

Oct 13: CASB – Get Full Visibility into Cloud App Usage | Register here 

Oct 20: A Cybersecurity-First Approach to Prevent Your Company’s Cyber Armageddon | Register here 

Oct 20: For iboss partners only: New tools and resources to help our partners protect customers | Contact us to register 

Industry Webinars  

Oct 20:  Cybersecurity – Strategy, Policy, and Practice a K-12 Cross Organizational Imperative | Register here

Oct 28: KSIX12 webinar: Cybersecurity: Strategy, Policy & Practice | Register here

Industry Events  

Oct 5-7: Carahsoft Mandiant’s annual Cyber Defense Summit (CDS); Washington, DC

Oct 5: State of California Virtual Cybersecurity Education Summit | More info

Oct 6: HOU.SEC.CON | More info

Oct 11: NASCIO Annual Conference- Carahsoft Reception; the Nest Rooftop, Seattle, WA

Oct 22: ISSA Cyber Executive Forum | More info

  • Presentation: Secure Connectivity and the Modern Workforce
  • 1:30-2pm ET (10:30 – 11am PST)

Oct 27: TechNet Cyber – Baltimore, Carahsoft Pavillion | More info

Oct 28-29: Triangle InfoSecon – Raleigh ISSA Chapter | More info

  • Demo Presentation (Oct 29): Tim Deese, Sr. Sales Engineer, CASB: Don’t be Left in the Dark 
  • Use code ROBBOARD2021 to claim your free pass!