Overcome SASE Challenges

iboss helps customers handle SASE challenges every day. Recently iboss Chief Product Officer, Eric Cornelius, was a guest on Ingram Micro’s Tech Talk podcast (listen here.) During the episode, Eric hit on the philosophy behind SASE, steps for kicking off a journey to the cloud and what makes iboss unique in this space.

It’s important to note that not all SASE vendors are the same. There are many considerations an organization must think about before deciding on a vendor.

For example, do you need a dedicated IP address on a gateway-by-gateway basis? In order to do this, your vendor must have containerized gateways.

Employees regularly access their email and rely heavily on cloud-based productivity apps regardless if they are in or out of the office. This means they are not always shielded by physical security appliances meant to protect the four walls of the office. As such, organizations may require cloud-based security that follows the user and their devices. Those that allow their employees to access sensitive information without security and data protection results in an increased risk that positions themselves open to a multitude of threats and potential data loss. No organization wants that.

Understanding containerization is the key for networks in need of a highly secure service. With a containerized service like the iboss Cloud Platform, the network connections from devices and users are processed within isolated containerized gateways which perform proxy and firewall functions. The containerized gateways never process data for any other organization and data is never comingled with that of any other customer.

Alternative SASE platforms that are not architected on containerization, process network traffic from multiple organizations within pooled resources that proxy, decrypt and filter data for other organizations. This results in latency and increases the security risks for the organization.

Here’s what a few customers had to say about iboss:

I really enjoy the functionality and features within iboss. Our network setup is very complicated and we POC’d 4 products before we found one that could handle our complex network easily. This tool gives us a lot of visibility and we have found it to be very easy to manage policies.” – said an Information Security Sr. Manager at a $3B – 10B USD retail company

The sheer capabilities of this platform are phenomenal and the innovation has continued – with the people listening to what the customers want and need and where feasible bringing this to service in rapid timescales when to compare to other typical vendors or services. We purchased SASE before SASE was the latest buzz word and are frilled to have this a part of our technology portfolio.” – said the Head of IT at a $500M – $1B construction company

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