Solving Modern Azure Migration Challenges: iboss’ Azure Cloud Security Gateways

Organizations are migrating their infrastructure to the cloud in the fast-paced digital landscape. As enterprises make this shift, particularly to platforms like Azure, they face fresh challenges that revolve around security, connectivity, and efficiency. For those in the network and security team, the goal is clear: secure private resources in Azure while maintaining ease of access and efficient connectivity.

Enter the iboss Azure Cloud Security Gateways. A solution that addresses the concerns of modern cloud infrastructure security while ensuring compliance, reducing costs, and streamlining operations.

Understanding the Challenge

Migrating to the cloud, especially platforms like Azure, brings forth undeniable benefits—scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness, to name a few. But along with these advantages come challenges:

  1. With a shift towards cloud infrastructure, organizations need to replace the functionality of on-prem firewalls and proxies with a solution that runs in the cloud and inside of Azure to protect critical cloud infrastructure.
  2. Sending traffic from Azure to a datacenter to provide network security and logging is not only slow, but expensive. Sending traffic unnecessarily to datacenters increases bandwidth spend and requires hosting network security appliances in the datacenter.
  3. Contractors and employees that need access to private Azure Virtual Desktops require VPNs and cumbersome network setups. In addition, the need to provide Single Sign-On with MFA to virtual desktops is challenging using RDP clients.

The network team, dedicated to ensuring smooth connectivity, seeks to bridge users to private Azure resources. At the same time, the security team grapples with securing these resources without the luxury of conventional firewall tools. Additionally, organizations are constantly looking for methods to decrease risks and financial overheads.

The iboss Solution

iboss’s Azure Cloud Security Gateways comprehensively answer the challenges mentioned above. How? Let’s explore its features:

  1. iboss’s Azure Cloud Security Gateways offer instant security directly inside of Azure and inside of their Virtual Networks which host critical infrastructure. Firewall, proxy, logging and security capabilities are automatically delivered within minutes.
  2. iboss eliminates the need to backhaul data to data centers by providing logging & security directly inside customer-managed Virtual Networks. This increases performance and reduces datacenter and bandwidth costs.
  3. With iboss gateways running directly in Azure, users are authenticated with SSO and MFA then automatically connected to Azure Virtual Desktop. Combined with iboss’s Browser Isolation, end users do not need an RDP client or VPN and connect to AVD in an agentless fashion.

Use Cases: Tangible Benefits for the Enterprise

  1. Seamless Connectivity: Users can seamlessly connnect to Azure resources such as Azure Virtual Desktop and authenticate via Single Sign-On (SSO) with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), without needing a VPN or RDP client, thanks to iboss’s Browser Isolation.
  2. Robust Azure Infrastructure Security: The gateways ensure that Azure-hosted infrastructure and services remain protected from potential threats, all within the Azure edge.
  3. Inter-vnet Connectivity: Resources in one Azure vnet can effortlessly communicate with those in another, facilitated by iboss gateways providing complete security and logging.
  4. Streamlined Public Cloud Security: The security remains uncompromised for remote users accessing public resources via Azure. The same security standards apply whether users traverse the iboss global security edge or Azure.

For organizations, the benefits are not just security and connectivity. Reducing complexity and time to value means that the efforts spent in managing and maintaining the infrastructure go down dramatically.

The Way Forward

As industries continue their digital transformation, the need for solutions that provide both robust security and efficient connectivity becomes paramount. iboss’s Azure Cloud Security Gateways emerge as a frontrunner in this realm, providing a holistic solution to the problems faced by today’s network and security teams.

For a deeper understanding of how iboss can secure your organization’s Azure Cloud Environment, visit here.