Empowering K12 Education: iboss’s Unwavering Commitment to Safeguarding Schools Against Modern Cyber Threats

After having the privilege of serving as a CIO in K12 public education for many years, I was asked to join iboss in 2016 to serve as Senior Vice President of Education focused on supporting the thousands of K-12 districts we are delighted to call partners, and work with a host of new districts who continue to join the iboss family daily.

Since its inception, iboss has prioritized a commitment to partner and protect K-12 districts, their students, staff, and data while adapting the platform to address the ever-evolving K12 technology landscape. Accomplishing this requires high touch engagements with our districts to gain feedback on their current and future priorities, to deliver an affordable but advanced cybersecurity capability – beyond content filtering. In addition to technical innovation, iboss has invested in trusted advisory initiatives exemplified by partnerships with the K12 Security Information Exchange (K12 SIX), the only national non-profit organization solely dedicated to protecting the U.S. K-12 community—including school districts, charter schools, private schools, and regional and state education agencies from emerging cybersecurity threats About K12 SIX. iboss also partners with the national non-profit Project Tomorrow – Preparing today’s students to be tomorrow’s innovators, leaders and engaged citizens. Project Tomorrow and iboss are proud to announce the second annual Cybersecurity Report, a joint report capturing interesting but concerning new data derived from our 2022 K-12 cybersecurity survey. We encourage districts to review this report at: Cybersecurity Report 2023 ( In addition, iboss has made tremendous strides to address the growing cybersecurity risks and challenges our K12 districts face. Perhaps most important, iboss has worked closely with E-Rate experts and USAC to allow districts to benefit from Federal E-Rate funding to drive affordability and get the technology to those who need it most. Many of our long tenured customers originally came to iboss seeking content filtering solutions. We continue to serve those needs but have grown to become much more than that.

Today iboss is the only SaaS Zero Trust Security Service Edge designed to support the unique CIPA and cybersecurity requirements of K-12 school districts. K-12 districts using the iboss platform benefit from the same enterprise security delivered into the world’s largest and most sophisticated global corporations without sacrificing or giving up capabilities required to support today’s modern school district. The iboss Zero Trust SSE delivers a next generation military grade cloud-based firewall platform, aligned with the Zero Trust Principles of NIST 800-207, that is E-Rate eligible. iboss enables schools to eliminate purchasing and managing multiple legacy technologies including Internet web filters, VPNs, and the need to redirect student and staff internet access to the schools while they work remotely. The result is unmatched security, visibility, and internet policy management across the district, while significantly increasing the school’s cybersecurity posture to military grade standards, protecting the school’s most critical data from cyber-attacks. For more information on iboss ZT SSE for education and our 85% E-Rate eligible FWaaS, visit our website: For Education – iboss .

As we continue to double down on our commitment to serve as partners to the K12 community, we will keep you abreast on new innovations and share our expertise of the changing K12 cyber security landscape, while continuing to engage our districts and learn about ever evolving priorities.  Lastly, we’re proud to share that industry analysts such as IDC idc-iboss-report-full.pdf  have taken notice of our efforts and ranked iboss as a global leader in Zero Trust Network Access. iboss is completely dedicated to K-12 and holds FedRAMP and cloud compliance and certifications including, SOC 1, SOC2, ISO 9001, and certifications and cloud security alliance Star 1 and 2.

Blog by Richard Quinones, iboss SVP of Public Education, and Joe Cosmano, iboss SVP of Sales and Service.