Zero Trust: The glue that holds everything together

A holistic approach to Zero Trust can provide a multitude of benefits, including preventing malware from entering your network while giving remote workers seamless, protected access to resources. The Demo Forum crew was at RSA and asked Paul Martini, CEO of iboss, about his views on Zero Trust and strategies to get started. “Today, mobility is everywhere. We were founded on the idea that users and people aren’t restricted to offices,” he explains. “We wanted to figure out a way for users to work from anywhere and ensure they are able to connect to what they need to do their job, while maintaining security at the same time.”

Secure connectivity is paramount to any organization’s Zero Trust approach. In addition to users working from different locations, including home offices, companies must address how to secure their applications, data and resources. “Applications have scattered everywhere,” Martini states. If users can connect to a Zero Trust service, versus a VPN, that service can connect them to whatever they need with secure connectivity at any time, regardless of their location. Just as Netflix evolved from DVDs to streaming services, today’s organizations must adapt to how people connect in a secure way to the data and resources they need.

“Connectivity is oxygen,” he continues. “We want to be at the core of every organization for security technology.” Today, iboss manages more than 150 billion transactions per day with the largest organizations in the world, including ADP and Intel. With a Zero Trust approach, we provide a checkpoint in front of applications and data to make them completely private – thereby solving both security and connectivity concerns.

“Zero Trust is really about solving the root cause of today’s most prolific problems – ransomware and breaches,” Martini concludes. “That’s why we love what we do.”

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Blog authored by Tim Roddy, Vice President of Product Marketing, iboss.