Zero Trust and Resource Protection: Verifying Every Resource Access with iboss Zero Trust Policy Manager

Zero Trust and Resource Protection: Verifying Every Resource Access with iboss Zero Trust Policy Manager

Today’s CIO faces a multitude of critical business concerns. To that end, Foundry, an IDG Company, released its 2022 State of the CIO Executive Summary and identified important trends with feedback from 985 IT leaders and 250 line-of-business professionals on a range of topics from security management, IT operations, and modernizing infrastructure. A third of survey respondents stated that IT and data security upgrades must be implemented to reduce corporate risk. Further, investments in cybersecurity remain top of mind as ransomware and data breaches continually plague organizations. Almost half (49%) of those surveyed by Foundry confirm that cybersecurity protections are driving efforts to minimize corporate risk. How can companies provide secure connectivity, provide seamless access to resources and improve both customer and employee experiences? Via the iboss Zero Trust SSE platform. 

Businesses are focused on transformation and orchestration of new digital strategies, such as improving security management and improving network reliability and performance while optimizing the user experience. Consider some of the security issues companies must address: How can they effectively verify every user before granting access to resources and applications? How can every request from each user be authenticated, in a timely manner, without jeopardizing employee productivity? A holistic approach to Zero Trust can provide a multitude of benefits, including preventing malware from entering your network, giving remote workers fast access with more protection, simplifying management of security operations centers, and extending visibility into potential threats. 

Never has iboss been so well positioned to protect organizations from breaches and data loss. According to the Foundry study, security and risk management is the top technology initiative behind IT investments in 2022. Further, 76% of CIOs expect their involvement in cybersecurity to increase. Our platform simplifies how customers apply Zero Trust protection to company data and resources in full accordance with Federal NIST SP 800-207 guidelines. And, with our new Zero Trust Policy Manager (ZTPM), organizations of all types and sizes can easily implement policies to secure their data and resources. This new capability within iboss’ award-winning platform enables organizations to label and categorize all protected resources in compliance with Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 199 for Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability. 

With ZTPM, users can instantly apply iboss’ Zero Trust SSE cloud security to resources that have been labeled based on FIPS 199 standards. “We’re proud of our platform’s new Zero Trust Policy Manager which makes it easy for organizations to ensure their resources are both FIPS 199 and NIST SP 800-207 compliant – which is more important than ever in today’s volatile cyber security environment,” explains iboss Co-Founder and CEO Paul Martini. 

We are also  proud to announce two new capabilities in addition to Zero Trust Policy Manager: 

  • Policy Tracing helps organizations test a new user or group access policy prior to implementation in production. 
  • A Cloud Health dashboard can provide insights into the health of a company’s dedicated policy enforcement points and reporting nodes. In addition to the general iboss PoP and data center cloud system status available at, the Cloud Health dashboard provides health scores to allow administrators to quickly determine the load and overall health of the cloud service.  

 Looking for more information?  

  • Access Paul Martini’s recent Zero Trust webinar on our leading Zero Trust service. 
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  • Contact us to connect with our experts on how we can help you prevent breaches by making your applications, data and services inaccessible to attackers.  

Blog post authored by Tim Roddy, VP of Product Marketing, iboss.