Simplify SASE cloud with an industry-first unlimited license offering

As your organization evaluates SASE platforms, think about your future growth. Until today, all SASE vendors procurement models have been based on legacy per user pricing with “add-on” purchases that are required to activate additional features and services. This type of model doesn’t easily scale with your business. For instance, if your workforce grows exponentially and there’s a need to add more users; or if business priorities change and your organization needs to activate new security or services features, there will be additional license costs.  Let iboss help your organization simplify license complexity and future-proof your SASE cloud.

iboss unlimited package offering

iboss is announcing the availability of an industry-first “unlimited” license package that allows your organization to securely connect unlimited users and unlimited devices to any public and private cloud application. This new licensing model allows you to turn on an unlimited number of core features on the iboss SASE Cloud Platform without the need to purchase additional add-on licenses. With the unlimited license package, iboss gives you the flexibility you need to grow and scale your business with a single price per cloud gateway. This moves your organization away from the pitfalls of per user licensing while benefiting from access to unlimited platform features.

The new package offerings provide your organization the following:

  • Core Package: Access all essential features required to securely connect users to apps anywhere, with features including Secure Web Gateway, SSL decryption, basic malware and phishing protection, cloud connectors and dedicated IP addresses.
  • Enterprise Package: Receive all functionality within the Core package plus advanced features which include advanced malware protection, SIEM integration and real-time reporting.
  • Unlimited Package: Securely connect unlimited users and unlimited devices to any resource, whether it be a cloud application or resource located in a customer’s private data center. The unlimited package offers all functionality within the Core and Enterprise packages, in addition to all other features on the iboss SASE Cloud Platform. 1 This includes capabilities like advanced DLP, private access and bandwidth optimization.


iboss implementation services

As your organization looks to adopt a SASE cloud service for better security and faster user connectivity to business-critical apps, you may be in a situation where you lack the in-house expertise or have resource contention to start new cloud projects. With iboss Implementation Services offerings we provide the expertise to help with your cloud journey. Our offerings provide different service level engagements from Quick Start to custom with our experienced iboss implementation engineers. The offerings are structured to allow your organization to engage iboss at your required service level, making it easier and faster to deploy the iboss platform.

The new implementation services offerings provide your organization the following:

  • Quick Start: An iboss implementation engineer will help support the migration to iboss starting from consultation to configuration through testing phases. This level includes up to 8 hours of engagement with an iboss implementation engineer to ensure a successful migration.
  • Standard: Receive all the benefits included in Quick Start, with the addition to up to 40 hours of remote engagement with an engineer who will support SSL decryption and Malware Defense configuration guidance.
  • Premium: Includes all benefits within Quick Start and Standard. Receive up to 80 hours of remote engagement with an engineer who can provide additional support with analytics/SIEM configuration and DLP configuration guidance.


With the new unlimited package offering iboss is changing the landscape for SASE by moving to a simplified license model for cloud connectivity and security. In addition, with our new implementation services offerings our customers will see a faster time to value on the iboss platform as iboss engineers extend your teams and help your organization to a successful deployment.

Register now for a webinar on Wednesday, May 12th at 10:00am Pacific / 1:00pm Eastern time that will further detail the benefits of the new unlimited license package and Implementation Services offerings.

Learn how iboss is disrupting the market with these new offerings and will continue to provide customers with secure connectivity from anywhere.

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1 The iboss unlimited package applies solely to purchases of iboss’ core, proprietary SASE Cloud Platform. Third party products and services that may be included in or bundled with the platform, or that iboss offers in addition to the platform through a software marketplace or other means, are subject to separate, additional subscription charges.