5 Steps to your SASE Journey – Step 3: Adopting Zero Trust

Organizations deploying and using legacy network security appliances to protect cloud connectivity and internet access are faced with problems today. Mobility, exponential bandwidth growth and cloud application adoption has led to escalating costs, difficulty securing users outside of the traditional network perimeter, and loss of end user productivity due to slow connections resulting from forcing traffic for remote workers through corporate networks. The physical network perimeter has eroded making devices the new network perimeter. Users are working from anywhere and need fast, secure access to any applications.

When the pandemic hit, the majority of employees had to work remotely from their homes, giving enterprises the choice of one of two options:

  1. Experience an unplanned, unbudgeted increase in spending on VPN infrastructure and licensing, as well as increased bandwidth for MPLS based network traffic backhaul to their data centers; or
  2. Let these newly remote workers access the cloud and resources directly over the internet without security.

Unfortunately, given the short time frame, these were primarily the only two choices. That being said, with proper planning, there is a better way: move to a zero trust network model that delivers better connectivity, better security, and lower cost.

iboss just kicked off the webinar series “5 Steps to your SASE Journey” which outlines the steps organizations should consider when migrating to a SASE platform.

In this third session, we will drill further into Step 3: Adopting Zero Trust. Register for this next webinar to learn:

  • What a Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) approach is
  • What is involved in moving to a ZTNA model
  • Motivations, benefits and considerations that should be part of a SASE-related consolidation analysis and effort

In fact, register for the rest of the series:

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