5 Steps to your SASE Journey – Step 2: Vendor Consolidation

Moving to the cloud from traditional on-premises security appliances or software is a journey that requires multiple steps. Organizations must include various stakeholders throughout the business, as the decision will affect network and security teams, as well as finance.

iboss just kicked off the webinar series “5 Steps to your SASE Journey” which outlines the steps organizations should consider when migrating to a SASE platform.

During our first webinar (watch it on-demand here), Tim Roddy, VP of Product Marketing, dove deep into the first step of any SASE journey: taking inventory of your current network security footprint and investments. Tim discussed the why having an inventory of your existing solutions is important, and why a short- and long-term plan is critical for any organization’s future growth.

Gartner published the report 2021 Strategic Roadmap for SASE Convergence and one of the key findings was that SASE adoption time frames could be cut in half if organizations take inventory of their existing product sets and understand where they are in their current hardware and software refresh cycle.

In our second webinar in this series, Tim will discuss vendor consolidation. There are two benefits to consolidation: cost reduction and efficiency gains from reducing the number of point solutions and vendors. Consolidation improves the security posture by leveraging functionality that derives from the use of an integrated security platform instead of multiple point solutions.

It’s been reported that some organizations have as many as 50 separate point solutions within their security environment. How many of those separate point solutions have overlapping capabilities? Are all the features turned on? Does your organization even have the resources required to manage all of those products?

Watch the latest session, 5 Steps to your SASE Journey: Step 2 – Vendor Consolidation, to learn:

  • Why vendor consolidation is a C-level priority
  • The benefits and cost savings recognized through vendor consolidation
  • How to begin the process

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Did you miss Step 1 – Taking Inventory? Don’t worry, you can still watch it here.