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August 16, 2021
Monthly Product Update: New Features Added to the iboss Cloud Platform
iboss announced general availability of API CASB, Advanced CASB controls and Remote Browser Isolution on the iboss...
cloud security CASB SASE network security Cloud Adoption API CASB Remote Browser Isolation RBI
August 13, 2021
Workshop Series: Learn the Benefits of Migrating to a SASE Cloud Platform
Are you considering a migration to a SASE platform? These 30-minute technical workshops will offer best practices...
cloud security SASE network security Cloud Adoption
August 10, 2021
Secure Private Applications from Unmanaged Devices with Reverse Proxy
Find the setup and configuration steps required to configure the Reverse Proxy feature available on the iboss...
cloud security SASE network security reverse proxy
August 4, 2021
5 Part Series: Steps to Consider When Starting your SASE Journey
In this 5-part series, iboss will dive into the 5 steps organizations should consider when starting their...
cloud security SASE network security Cloud Adoption
July 26, 2021
iboss Joins Microsoft 365 Networking Partner Program
iboss is part of the Microsoft 365 Networking Partner Program which validates how iboss quickly and securely...
cloud security network security Microsoft 365 Microsoft partnership
July 16, 2021
How Healthcare Organizations Can Achieve Fast and Secure Connectivity from Anywhere
Healthcare organizations can achieve fast and security connectivy from anywhere. Securing remote access to patient data is...
Healthcare cloud security network security HIMSS