iboss cloud integrates with Microsoft Virtual WAN to Protect Branch Office Internet Access in the Cloud

iboss cloud integrates with Microsoft Virtual WAN to Protect Branch Office Internet Access in the Cloud

BOSTON, Mass., April 2, 2019 iboss today announced native integration of iboss cloud with Microsoft Virtual WAN which allows branch offices and remote locations to securely access cloud applications without the need to backhaul traffic to centralized data centers. With the exponential rise of cloud application use, traditional Internet security models that require data from branch offices to be sent to centralized Internet security appliances is substantially increasing costs and reducing user productivity due to the volume of backhauled Internet traffic. Allowing this traffic to traverse between users and the cloud directly increases Internet speeds, increases productivity, and reduces costs by eliminating unnecessary Internet data backhaul through private network connections. Microsoft Virtual WAN, or vWAN, extends the Microsoft cloud to branch offices, allowing them to communicate with each other when necessary through Microsoft Azure, while sending cloud-bound data directly to the Internet. With the combination of iboss cloud and Microsoft Virtual WAN, any traffic sent from branch offices to the Internet is automatically routed through iboss cloud by Microsoft Virtual WAN ensuring secure and compliant Internet access.

Microsoft’s global network covers 70,000 miles of fiber in 130+ locations reaching 63% of the global GDP within 25ms.

Leveraging Microsoft Virtual WAN with iboss cloud is completely automatic and is easily enabled within the iboss cloud platform. When enabling Microsoft Virtual WAN within iboss cloud, all network configurations are completed by iboss cloud with no IT overhead. The iboss cloud creates cloud security capacity and connects that capacity to Microsoft Virtual WAN so that data can be scanned for compliance, malware and data loss as it moves between users and the Internet. The iboss cloud also provides all of the instructions to Microsoft Virtual WAN for routing data through iboss cloud security. Organizations can then connect their offices to Microsoft using standard connectors such as GRE or IPSec tunnels between their offices and Microsoft Azure. As data moves between offices and the Internet, it will traverse the tunnels between the offices and Microsoft then be automatically routed through iboss cloud security. Scalability is also built in. As bandwidth demands increase at branch locations, the iboss cloud automatically scales within Microsoft to provide additional capacity automatically. This allows connections to exceed 20 Gbps between branch offices and the Internet without no IT administration overhead.

“The combination of iboss cloud and Microsoft Virtual WAN is a game-changer for organizations with remote locations that are forced to access the Internet through security appliances that were not designed for the distributed world,” said Peter Martini, President of iboss. “At iboss, we are committed to partnering with Microsoft to ensure fast and efficient cloud application access is available to users, regardless of where they work.”

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