iboss Extends Office 365 Capabilities to Ensure Fast Connections to Microsoft Cloud Applications

iboss Extends Office 365 Capabilities to Ensure Fast Connections to Microsoft Cloud Applications

BOSTON, Mass., April 4, 2019 iboss today announced that it has extended the Microsoft Office 365 capabilities included in iboss cloud to ensure users have fast connections to the Microsoft productivity suite. Numerous enhancements across Microsoft Office 365 integration have been delivered which include continuous synchronization of signatures between Microsoft and iboss cloud leveraging Microsoft’s latest signature exchange. By continuously synchronizing Office 365 signatures, including dynamic Microsoft IP Addresses and domains, the iboss cloud will ensure that traffic to Microsoft is fast and not interrupted. In addition, this allows compliance, malware defense and data loss prevention to be applied to user Internet connections without worrying about interrupting safe Microsoft connectivity. Additionally, iboss cloud allows the ability to selectively decrypt HTTPS sites without negatively affecting Microsoft cloud applications.

According to Gartner, 85% of enterprises surveyed plan on using Office 365 while 22% of IT leaders surveyed point to Office 365 as the root of performance issues.

In addition, Microsoft recommends connections originate close to the user when entering Microsoft so that cloud applications within the Office 365 suite can be optimized and moved close to the user. The iboss cloud geo-zoning features and dedicated cloud IP Address capability allows users to access Office 365 from any location while still benefiting from the intelligent optimization capabilities available within Microsoft Azure. Without the features available within iboss cloud, IT administrators must manually manage synchronizing Microsoft signatures with security firewalls. This is not only expensive and burdensome but can be error prone resulting in Office 365 downtime. All synchronization between iboss cloud and Microsoft Office 365 is automatic which frees valuable IT resources, reduces operational costs and ensures users always have fast connections to Microsoft which increases productivity.

“The need for fast and uninterrupted connections to Microsoft Office 365 is critical to maintain employee productivity and ensure business operations are not interrupted. The ability to automatically synchronize Microsoft Office 365 signatures with iboss cloud ensures business and IT departments are operating optimally at all times,” said Paul Martini, CEO and co-founder of iboss. “We are committed to partnering with Microsoft to ensure organizations benefit from the power the Microsoft Office 365 suite has to offer.”

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