iboss Announces Industry’s Only Admin Configurable Zones for Cloud-Based Internet Security

iboss Announces Industry’s Only Admin Configurable Zones for Cloud-Based Internet Security

BOSTON, Mass., March 28, 2019 iboss today announced that IT admin defined geo-zones allow administrators to ensure GDPR compliance when applying Internet security to global users. GDPR mandates data stay within specified regulated regions to ensure compliance. This is very challenging for Internet security solutions as users access the cloud from various locations around the world through the Internet security platform. Attempting to solve this challenge with appliances leads to exponential costs as Internet security appliances must be purchased and shipped to various locations around the world where different regulations require data to remain within the country. This increases equipment costs but has even worse effects on IT labor and budget as the network appliances must be managed. Cloud Internet security solutions can eliminate the appliances, but do not allow administrators to explicitly create geo-based boundaries resulting in a vague understanding of where data actually resides. With the iboss cloud admin-defined geo-zoning feature, IT administrators can create cloud Internet security capacity within various countries that secure users within country and store reporting data within country as well.

According to IDC, 52% of EU businesses don’t know what the impact of GDPR on their organizations will be.

The need for IT administrators to shift to SaaS cloud-based Internet security is mandatory given mobility and cloud application adoption which is increasing bandwidth use exponentially. However, regulations can make implementing cloud-based solutions difficult, especially when it comes to cloud-based Internet security. The iboss cloud geo-zoning capability solves this challenge allowing the easy migration from security appliances to cloud SaaS security. The ability to define, create and view explicit geo-zones within the iboss cloud platform eases meeting compliance and regulatory constraints.

“GDPR and other in-region regulations can make things difficult for global organizations. The iboss cloud’s ability to explicitly create geo-zones for Internet security delivered in the cloud makes it easier for organizations to meet compliance while maintaining security and preventing data loss,” said Peter Martini, President of iboss. “We continue to focus on delivering the most robust and effective cloud-based Internet security so that users can be protected wherever they work.”

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