Secure Cloud Gateway

Network Security as a Service, Delivered in the Cloud, Protects Users and Devices Regardless of Location

Shift the focus from following perimeters to following users so consistent network security is applied regardless of location

Network security appliances were designed to protect users and devices inside of your physical network perimeter. The problem is a distinct network perimeter no longer exists, your users are everywhere and your applications have moved to the cloud. Users and devices are the new network perimeter. The iboss cloud lives in the cloud and shifts the focus from following perimeters to following the users themselves. This ensures secure cloud access for users wherever they roam.

Network Security as a Service Delivered in the Cloud

Deploying network security appliances to protect users and devices as they access the cloud is not only expensive and time consuming, it is unsustainable. Explosive bandwidth growth, mobility and SaaS application use are in direct conflict with what network appliances are designed to solve. Increasing bandwidth will bring any network security appliance to its knees with its limited compute and data processing throughput. Mobility forces traffic to follow the location of the network security appliance instead of bringing network security to the user. And SaaS cloud applications no longer live within the fixed perimeters network security appliances were designed to protect.

The combination of staggering bandwidth, mobility and cloud application use will result in uncontrolled network security appliance purchases resulting in exponential costs. To make things worse, limited IT resources and high labor costs only adds to the problem by increasing costs further and overburdening IT teams. Finally, slow cloud connections results in lost productivity, translating into enormous organizational costs as users are unable to complete their tasks with the speed and agility required to compete in today’s cloud-first world.

The overall costs incurred of deploying and managing network security appliances is not only staggering, but unsustainable.

iboss cloud - Eliminate Appliance Bottlenecks

Security using network security appliances is expensive. Costs include:

  • Sourcing, purchasing, and installing a growing number of larger network security appliances
  • An endless cycle of purchasing more network security appliances as bandwidth and encrypted HTTPS traffic grows
  • Reduced productivity for mobile users and branch offices which must back-haul network data to centrally hosted network security appliances resulting in slow connections
  • Cumbersome access to SaaS cloud applications due to network security appliance capacity limitations and hosting location results in a poor end-user experience

The iboss cloud is Network Security as a Service platform, delivered in the cloud, which performs every network security function found in a firewall or proxy gateway, without the appliances. This increases an organization’s agility and productivity ranging from the IT team that manages network security to the end users that need it. IT teams can re-purpose their time delivering security rather than managing infrastructure. The only thing lost is the network security appliances.

Eliminate network security appliances as iboss cloud is delivered in the cloud and provides Network Security as a Service

Can be setup in minutes. Create your first network security rules within seconds of signing up to iboss cloud

Migrate all of your existing policies, including user and group based rules, to the iboss cloud quickly. We’ll help you through this process to ensure a smooth transition

As bandwidth, encrypted traffic, mobility and SaaS cloud application use continues to increase, the savings exponentially increase as the need to purchase “bigger and faster” network security appliances is completely eliminated

Download the IDC Research Study on iboss cloud

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IDC Research study showed organizations reported they have significantly reduced risk related to security breaches, non-compliance, and revenue-impacting security events with iboss cloud even as they establish a more cost-effective security environment by minimizing hardware and bandwidth requirements.

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100% Subscription. 100% SaaS.
Network Security Delivered in the Cloud

The iboss cloud is delivered directly in the cloud allowing network security to be applied to data on its way to the applications that live in the cloud.

Eliminate dealing with End-Of-Life (EOL) appliance refresh cycles which occur every 3 to 5 years. As a 100% turnkey subscription service that runs in the cloud, you’ll always be up to date and always on the latest security and technology.

The iboss cloud provides a massive network security feature-set including capabilities for web filtering, preventing malware, detecting infections and preventing data loss.

The most advanced cloud network security platform designed for today’s multi-cloud and mobile environment. The iboss cloud is built on a complete containerization and microservices architecture that completely isolates data as network security functions are applied and provide fast, low latency connections to the cloud. The platform also provides complete geo-control to ensure data is scanned and stored within admin defined regions and countries for compliance and security. The iboss cloud platform leverages one of the largest cloud security footprints on the market, with iboss operated datacenters on virtually every continent. Network security follows the user and device ensuring fast and secure connections to cloud applications from any location.

In addition, as a Microsoft Trusted Security Partner, iboss can deliver Network Security as a Service to cloud environments like Azure. This translates into one-click network security for everything connected to and within Azure eliminating the need to purchase, configure and manage market place virtual appliances.

The Leading Visionary in Secure Cloud Gateways

Cloud security is the future for organizations transitioning to the cloud. The iboss cloud is transforming the network security market. See why iboss is the leading visionary on Gartner’s latest Secure Web Gateways Magic Quadrant.

Infinitely Elastic and Scalable

The iboss cloud takes advantage of cloud elasticity to protect users on the road and scale automatically as user bandwidth and capacity demands increase. The iboss cloud leverages the concept of horizontal scaling, via containerization and microservices, to achieve limitless expansion capabilities. Each organization is protected by cloud gateways that exist close to the user and process data for web filtering, malware defense and data loss prevention. As bandwidth increases, the cloud horizontally scales to support additional bandwidth and encrypted traffic as well as cloud application requests.

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The iboss cloud can secure user Internet access on any device, from any location, in the cloud. Best of all, you can start using it immediately to protect your users instantly.

What you get
  • In the cloud Internet security
  • Advanced Internet malware protection that follows users
  • Advanced cloud and SaaS controls
  • Web filtering and compliance controls
  • Internet security for in-office users without appliances
  • Branch office Internet security without data backhaul
  • And a lot more...
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