iboss New Features and Enhancements

    What's New in iboss

  • Updated Cloud Connector for iOS: Provide secure Internet access to Apple mobile devices, including Safari.
  • Updated Cloud Connector for Android: Secure personal Android devices, work profiles, and managed devices.
  • YouTube Manager: Create and share custom YouTube video libraries.
  • Advanced File Upload CASB Controls: Prevent unauthorized outbound file transfers.
  • Updated Classroom Management: Manage student web activity and share selected YouTube videos.
  • Advanced Block Page Options: Customize block pages according to match criteria.

Provide Secure Internet Access to Apple Mobile Devices, Including Safari, With the Updated Cloud Connector for iOS

The iboss cloud connector for iOS provides secure Internet access to Apple mobile devices, from any location.

Besides filtering Safari, the cloud connector secures all Internet traffic from any app on the device. It combines Apple’s native networking capabilities with iboss’s stateless tunneling technology. This enables it to be lightweight, fast, and compatible with a broader range of network environments.

  • Maintain a secure Internet connection from any location.
  • Filter all Internet traffic from iOS devices, including Safari.
  • Integrate natively with Apple’s networking framework.
  • Deploy the connector remotely using MDM solutions.
  • Review detailed and granular reports with alerts for high-risk activity, through the iboss cloud.
  • Deploy your SSL decryption certificate to devices automatically.
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Secure Personal Android Devices, Work Profiles, and Managed Devices With the Updated Cloud Connector for Android

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Prevent users from evading your network policies by securing your Android devices directly through the cloud, from any location, using the iboss cloud connector for Android.

The cloud connector integrates with the Always-On VPN and Lockdown Mode capabilities of the Android operating system to force all Internet traffic for the device through the iboss cloud. This ensures traffic is always routed through cloud security at all times, automatically. The cloud connector supports devices from all major Android manufacturers, including Samsung, LG, and Google. And it’s compatible with all versions of the Android operating system, starting with Lollipop.

  • Establish secure Internet access from any location.
  • Take advantage of the Android Always-On VPN and Lockdown mode capabilities.
  • Deploy it remotely with MDM solutions.
  • Use advanced tunneling to ensure Android devices can connect in challenging environments, including hotels and airports.
  • Automatically detect captive portals to ensure users can connect to networks that require authentication.
  • Create detailed and granular reports with alerts for high-risk activity.
  • Deploy the connector to personal Android devices, work profiles, and fully managed devices for the most flexibility.
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Create and Share Custom YouTube Video Libraries Using the YouTube Manager

Give users the YouTube content they need while minimizing distractions.

The YouTube Manager makes it easier for you to configure YouTube Restricted Mode settings. Remove YouTube comments, and even create libraries of whitelisted videos that bypass YouTube Restricted Mode. This enables you to selectively allow users to access mature content that would otherwise be blocked.

  • Configure YouTube Restricted Mode on a per-group, or global, basis.
  • Create video libraries that allow selected videos to bypass YouTube Restricted Mode.
  • Remove all YouTube comments.
  • Automatically redirect the YouTube home page to your organization’s channel.


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Prevent Unauthorized Outbound File Transfers With Advanced File Upload CASB Controls

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Easily block file uploads to online storage services like Dropbox, OneDrive, or any other websites that allow users to browse for files and upload them. The straightforward CASB controls enable you to instantly prevent file transfers by flipping a switch. There is no need for manual configuration.

The iboss cloud gives you the flexibility to target separate file upload policies to specific groups of users. If the marketing team needs to upload files to Dropbox, you can allow access for their group only.

  • Prevent outgoing file transfers to popular online services, like Dropbox and OneDrive.
  • Block file transfers to generic websites that allow users to browse and upload files.
  • Selectively apply separate file upload policies to specific groups of users.
  • Allow file uploads only to the services that your organization sanctions.
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Manage Student Web Activity and Share Selected YouTube Videos and With Enhanced iboss Classroom Management Capabilities

The enhanced Classroom Management enables instructors to share videos and websites with their students.

YouTube Restricted Mode occasionally blocks videos that instructors need to share with students, even though they have legitimate educational value. The iboss Classroom Management extension empowers instructors to bypass YouTube Restricted Mode for specific videos.

The new Timeline View allows instructors to review the recent browsing history of their students. And it’s easier than ever to keep students focused on their work by opening websites on students’ Chromebooks remotely and closing all other browser tabs instantly.

  • Open websites on student Chromebooks remotely.
  • Close all other browser tabs to reduce distractions.
  • Review student browsing activity using the Timeline View.
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Customize Block Pages According to Match Criteria Using Advanced Block Page Options

Advanced Block Page Cover Image

The Advanced Block Page options allow you to customize block pages according to different match criteria, such as web categories, search keywords, or domains. Adapt block page messages to suit different audiences by replacing them with organization-specific communication. Provide language translations to accommodate users in different regions. Target block pages to specific groups of users or even IP addresses.

  • Display separate block pages for different web categories, search keywords, or domains.
  • Tailor block page messages to suit different audiences.
  • Target block pages to specific groups or IP addresses.