Microsoft® and iboss: Powering Zero Trust

Comprehensive integrations between iboss and Microsoft enable secure, fast user access to applications from anywhere

iboss’ unique integrations expand value across Microsoft’s E5 security suite to prevent breaches and reduce data loss.

“Preventing unauthorized access to critical resources is essential for Zero Trust. iboss capabilities ensure that trusted users are able to connect to protected resources from anywhere with advanced integrations across Microsoft’s Identity, Security and Compliance platform to help meet our joint customers’ Zero Trust objectives.”Desmond Forbes, General Manager of Business Development at Microsoft



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iboss and Microsoft Certifications

Microsoft 365 Certified Networking Partner

iboss is a certified Microsoft 365 networking partner in compliance with their network connectivity principles.

Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA) member

Iboss is a Microsoft Intelligent Security Association member.


iboss is a security solution that requires customers to ensure that their Microsoft 365 traffic is being configured and routed optimally based on the Microsoft 365 network connectivity principles. iboss’s default configuration is to route traffic through its zero-trust gateway.

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